YouTuber Empties Bowel Outside Nancy Pelosi's House; Livestreams 'Poopalosi' Undertaken For Trump

YouTuber identified as Armando called the act a 'peaceful protest', claims later that he was detained by police.

An ardent Trump supporter went a notch higher in proving his loyalty to the US President Donald Trump by pooping in the driveway of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's house. The YouTuber filmed the incident at Pelosi's San Francisco residence.

Pelosi, who is often at loggerheads with the US President, was recently involved in a controversy after she was spotted maskless in a hair salon during lockdown.

The YouTuber takes dump outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi's house in San Francisco. YouTube Grab

Poopalosi a 'Peaceful Protest' For Trump

The YouTuber, who identifies himself as Armando, live streamed the disgusting act on his YouTube channel, Lifes Mavrek. The video titled 'Poopalosi' has been viewed over 19,000 times since it uploaded two days ago.

Calling the act a 'peaceful protest', the YouTuber begins the video by walking through the streets searching for Pelosi's house. Upon locating the house, the man, dressed in cargo shorts and a T-Shirt with a cap, sets up the camera on the opposite street.

He then goes and stand on Pelosi's driveway and salutes while looking at the camera. He then squats down on the driveway and poops while looking towards the camera. After being done taking a dump, the man stands and wipes his butt with the help of what appears like toilet paper.

Armando then walks towards the camera and after picking it up says, "That was for President Trump."

Armando Claims To Be Detained Briefly By the Cops

According to the New York Post, Armando in other live stream titled 'I'm gonna need a lawyer," said that he was detained by cops from the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police. "It was scary, man. They asked me about Kamala Harris, and about how I joked on the stream that if she lived in San Francisco I'd shit on her house too. They weren't fucking playing," he said in the live stream.

However, the 'shitty' act did generate a lot of reactions from the social media users. "More people need to do that to CA Politician's homes. Maybe then they will start to clean up the streets," commented a user on the video.

"Best IRL.....EVAH!!!!! You summed up Cali and Pelosi's state in one push! Lol" wrote another.