Wuhan virus: Shocking video shows crows eating dead bodies lying on street in China

  • The death toll in China rose to at least 304 on Sunday

  • Inside China, around 60 million people are in lockdown as the country struggles to contain the 2019-nCoV coronavirus

A video shared on social media has left everyone shocked once again raising concerns about the manner in which China is handling the novel Coronavirus breakout. The video, which was leaked online with VPN inside China, showed two dead bodies lying on a street in China. The shocking video showed the two bodies lying on the street being eating by crows, while several passersby watching the sight.

A voiceover in the video can be heard narrating the scene about how bodies are lying on the street, while there is no one to cremate them and are being eaten by crows.

china dead

Not the first time

However, this is not the first time that bodies have been found lying around on the streets in China since the coronavirus breakout. Last week, several videos had emerged showing bodies lying on the streets, on the train and even in supermarkets.

Inside China, nearly 60 million people are in lockdown as the country struggles to contain the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, amid reports that its health system is on its knees, and is running out of beds and supplies. And to add further to its worries, it now emerged that a "highly pathogenic" strain of the H5N1 bird flu has been reported in Hunan province in China, according to Reuters.

According to reports on Sunday, the death toll in China rose to at least 304, while more than 2,000 new cases were recorded, raising the worldwide total to nearly 14,380. The deadly novel coronavirus has spread to 26 countries so far, including Germany, Australia, and the United States with more than 160 confirmed cases in countries or territories outside of mainland China.

China bans funeral services

To add to the grief of the families mourning the loss of their loved ones, China on Sunday banned funeral services for the victims of the novel coronavirus in an effort to control the outbreak.

The bodies should be cremated at designated funeral homes near their location. They cannot be transported between regions and cannot be preserved by burial or other means, said the trial guidelines issued by the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security.

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