Video shows drones flying around China scolding people for not wearing masks

The authorities have been using slogans and jingles to spread awareness as well

Chinese creativity in addressing the coronavirus reaches new heights as drones fly around the country asking people to wear the mask while in public and open spaces. The smart-mouthed drone is seen scolding citizens while asking them to run back home.

The video first appeared in the Chinese version of Twitter called Sina Weibo. It has garnered several views. While the virus has been spreading across the country rapidly and reached a record number on Sunday the government has been trying to find some way to address the issue of the spread of the virus and asking people to avoid public places. The Chinese are trying to supervise the residents during serious times.

The drone asks you 'Where is the mask?'

Flu Pixabay

Be it in the rural regions of Mongolia or in the populous cities, the drone has been persistently asking the people to wear masks and try to stay at home. One-shot shows the drone talking to an elderly woman in inner Mongolia and asking her where her mask is and to return home because it is important to be precautious during the coronavirus.

The drone is also seen in the cities, although the video does not specify where.

Several awareness methods are being adopted

The authorities are adopting several methods including hanging up slogans and releasing jingles in local dialects. These methods ask people to stay at home and try to avoid the crowds and public places because of the coronavirus.

Chinese citizens are trying to amuse themselves during hard times. There are videos circulating showing people trying to stay at home and use fish tanks that are at home to fake fishing. They are also playing table tennis and badminton while staying inside.

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