Wuhan virus: Quarantined coronavirus infected patient films medical workers bagging dead body

  • Chinese crematoriums have been working 24/7

  • It is claimed 100 bodies are burned every day since January 28

  • As of February 5, number of deaths officially confirmed in China stands at 490

A dead Coronavirus infected patient being body-bagged at a hospital in China has been leaked online.

The video filmed by another patient shows three hospital workers in protective gear, tagging and bagging the body of a deceased patient in a yellow body bag.

The patient filming the video can be heard coughing while the hospital workers remove the white blanket covering the deceased patient, who is already stuffed in a yellow body bag. The three workers then put the body in another white bag before the video ends.


In the last few days, as the death toll continues to rise, some shocking videos have emerged out of China. There have been videos that show people turning unruly. Some shocking videos also emerged of people lying dead in supermarkets and even trains.

Wuhan since January 23 has been under lockdown and nobody is allowed to enter or exit the city. All public transport, including flights, have been grounded. The lockdown now has been extended to the entire Hubei province.

As of February 5, the number of confirmed deaths in China stands at 490, after authorities reported 65 new fatalities in Hubei province.


There are reports that the Chinese crematoriums have been working "24/7" as they burn bodies of people killed by the coronavirus in Wuhan. It is claimed that crematorium workers in Wuhan are working non-stop every day without a break as bodies are being sent from hospitals constantly.

It is claimed they have been burning 100 bodies every day since January 28, Daily Star reported.

This, in turn, has raised suspicion that China may be hiding the number of those who have died of the coronavirus. The People Republic of China on February 2 officially issued a dictate banning funerals for the victims of the coronavirus. The family and friends are not being allowed to even see the body - all in an effort to control the outbreak.

As per the guidelines issued by China's National Health Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security, the dead bodies should be cremated at designated funeral homes near their location, they cannot be transported between regions and cannot be preserved by burial or other means.

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