World End Revelation? Bible Expert Assures Second Coming of Christ Citing Signs in Skies

Extreme Christian believers argue that the recent world events are signs from heaven indicating an imminent world end

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Amid coronavirus outbreak that is currently continuing its killing spree in all nooks of the world, a Bible scholar has claimed that humans are currently going through the end times. According to Paul Begley, there are several signs that are currently in the skies which indicate the second coming of Christ.

Approaching Five Comets Indicating Imminent World End

Begley revealed that five comets that are approaching the earth could be a prophetic sign indicating Jesus Christ's return. The evangelist assured that these are signs from heaven, and it could cause the end of the earth soon.

"Five comets visible from Earth simultaneously. This is extraordinary, prophetic signs in the heavens. The Bible said there will be signs in the Sun, the Moon, the stars, distress of nations. I think we've got distress of nations right now, with perplexity, confusion. We've definitely got it in this nation," said Begley, reports.

Civil Unrest Indicating World End

Begley claimed that the recent world events that include the coronavirus outbreak and the civil unrest in the United States are all signs from heaven, and these happenings are fulfilling Biblical prophecies. Begley also urged everyone to pray for the world to safeguard the fate of humanity.

"This is becoming a very dangerous time, a very dangerous time, in which people really need to pray. And they need to pray, they need to stop it, we need to come to our senses. The Beast's Kingdom is trying to rise, antisemitism on the rise, the church is being shut down," added Begley.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the recent locust attack which is happening in various part of the world is also indicating an imminent world end. However, space apocalypse believers argue that the end of the world will happen as Nibiru will collide with the earth, thus causing massive devastation everywhere.