BBC Journalist Shares Video of Beijing Skies Turn Pitch Black in Day Time, Triggering Apocalyptic Fear

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that these bizarre world events are indicating an imminent apocalypse

Beijing sky turned dark
Dark sky in Beijing Twitter: Edward Lawrence

Several conspiracy theorists believe the world is currently going through the end times, and that doomsday is imminent on the planet. Adding up the heat to these seemingly bizarre theories, skies in Beijing recently turned pitch black during day time and the video of this bizarre event has now gone viral on online platforms.

Darkness Everywhere during the Day Time in China

The footage of this mysterious event was shared on Twitter by BBC photojournalist Edward Lawrence. In the video, we can see the city of Beijing completely dipped in darkness, as the sun's rays were completely blocked due to unknown causes.

"It's 3.45 in Beijing and ALL OF A SUDDEN IT'S GONE DARK. 10 mins ago, it was light. Now it's as dark as night," Lawrence captioned the video.

The footage has been now seen more than 1,00,000 times, and the bizarre nature of the video has made many people believe that an apocalypse is imminent.

However, weather experts assured that this mysterious event has nowhere connected with the mythical apocalypse, and they made it clear that this bizarre event was the result of a huge storm that engulfed Beijing recently.

Apocalypse debate continues

Since the coronavirus outbreak, several conspiracy theorists have outlandishly started claiming that an apocalypse is imminent, and all the recent events that happen in the world are actually fulfilling Biblical prophecies.

A few days back, intense locust storms hit India, Pakistan, and several East African countries. This bizarre attack from desert locusts, one of the most deadly migratory pests made many Bible scholars believe that the end time is near.

However, space apocalypse believers argue that doomsday will happen on earth when Nibiru, a lone killer planet hits the earth with its full fury. According to these conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is a giant killer planet that is lurking at the edges of the solar system.