Woori The Virgin Spoilers: Everything to Know About Jane The Virgin Remake

With only a week left for the premiere of Woori The Virgin, SBS has increased the anticipation of the viewers by releasing three new posters and a few promotional stills. The picture introduces Im Soo Hyang as energetic and innocent Oh Woo Ri. The second and the third promotional stills tease the relationship between Woo Ri, Raphael, and Lee Kang Jae.

The second poster features Woo Ri with Raphael, and it shows them looking at each other in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The caption on the teaser photo reads as - "The twist of fate has begun". Meanwhile, the third picture shows Woo Ri with her boyfriend on the beach. They look joyful in the image.

Meanwhile, the newly released promotional stills hint at troubled moments for Woo Ri and Kang Jae. Though the couple looks happy and lovey-dovey in the first two photos, the third image highlights Woo Ri's confused look as her boyfriend proposes to her. K-drama fans will have to watch the mini-series to find out the reason for her confusion.

Woori The Virgin
A poster of the upcoming SBS drama Woori The Virgin. Twitter

"Im Soo Hyang's bright energy and Shin Dong Wook's warm consideration created perfect synergy, allowing everyone to enjoy focusing on filming. The two faithfully portrayed longtime lovers Oh Woo Ri and Lee Kang Jae, who have strong faith and trust in each other, and their exciting romance that starts from the first episode. Please look forward to their couple chemistry as well as if they will be able to overcome the challenges they will soon be faced with," the production team shared.

Woo Ri's Pregnancy

Since the drama will revolve around Woo Ri's pregnancy, SBS released several stills and teaser videos about it ahead of the premiere. The promotional photos feature the transition of Woo Ri and Raphael from acquaintances to friends. On the other hand, the promo video focuses on the initial reaction of Woo Ri, her mother, boyfriend Kang Jae, and Raphael's reaction to her pregnancy.

Watch a Teaser

"Actors Im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon, who reunited together in a drama for the first time in a while, had exceptional acting chemistry that brought the set to life. Since they didn't need time to get closer to one another, the two actors could perfectly immerse themselves into the characters of Oh Woo Ri and Raphael, and their chemistry was captured as is on camera. Please show lots of interest for Im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon who will deliver laughs and touching emotions through the small screen with their phenomenal acting chemistry," the producers said.

When and Where to Watch Woori The Virgin Online?

The mini-series will premiere on SBS Monday, May 9, at 10 pm KST. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, the UK, South Africa, and the Middle East, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on various streaming platforms.