K-drama News: Business Proposal Finale, Again My Life Premiere, and More

While several popular K-dramas, like Twenty Five Twenty One, Forecasting Love and Weather, and Thirty-Nine, came to an end last week, new Korean mini-series, such as Again My Life, Our Blues, and My Liberation Notes are premiering this week. Meanwhile, several production companies shared exciting details about the upcoming shows, including Prosecutor Jin's Victory and Monstrous.

So, K-drama fans do not have to be disappointed about not being able to watch their favorite shows again this week. They can try out some new series, like Lee Min Ki starrer My Liberation Notes and Lee Joon Gi Starrer Again My Life. These two dramas are among the highly awaited K-dramas of April.

But before getting into the details of upcoming shows, here are some interesting spoilers about the finale of the SBS romantic comedy-drama, Business Proposal. The mini-series based on a popular webtoon and web novel ended on Tuesday. The viewers were curious if their favorite onscreen couple would get their happy ending. The production company had the answer for it.

Business Proposal
A poster of SBS drama Business Proposal. Twitter/SBS

Business Proposal Episode 12 (Finale) Spoilers:

Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri will do their best to get a nod from their loved ones for their marriage. Ha Ri will come up with a plan to impress Tae Moo's grandfather, Kang Da Goo. In the meantime, Tae Moo would try to get closer to Ha Ri's parents. The viewers can look forward to some hilarious moments between Ha Ri, Tae Moo, and their loved ones.

The production team for this mini-series has assured viewers that Tae Moo and Ha Ri will get their happy endings. According to them, it is a feel-good drama with elements to comfortably laugh and enjoy the show. So, the viewers can watch several fun-filled moments during the finale.

"We made this project while thinking that we wanted to gift comfortable laughter to the viewers' everyday lives. Tae Moo and Ha Ri have to overcome the problem of their families' opposition, but the process of them solving [these issues] will be fun that viewers can't miss out on. Ha Ri is the type to confidently say no to Kang Da Goo's request to turn in a resignation letter, while Tae Moo also showed his firm resolve to love Ha Ri even while throwing everything of his away. Please keep a watch out until the end for the love between the Tae Moo and Ha Ri couple, who will face their problems head-on", the production team said.

Business Proposal
A promotional still of SBS drama Business Proposal Twitter/SBS

Here are some details about the upcoming K-drama premieres and their casting.

Again My Life

It is an upcoming SBS drama set to premiere on April 8 at 10 pm KST. The mini-series stars Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Eun in lead roles. It will follow a young prosecutor who gets a second chance to bring down a powerful person after failing in his first attempt. In the mini-series, Joon Gi will portray Kim Hee Woo, a person who was unjustly killed while investigating a corrupt politician. He gets a get chance in life.

Again My Life will feature Ji Eun as a genius young woman named Kim Hee Ah. She is the youngest daughter of the CEO of Cheonha Group. The drama will focus on the complicated relationship between Hee Ah and Hee Woo while focusing on the evil moves of a corrupt politician named Jo Tae Seob, played by Lee Kyung Young.

The production team has released a new teaser for the drama ahead of the premiere. The clip focuses on the rivalry between Hee Woo and Kyung Young. It begins by showing Hee Woo confidently working on sending the corrupt politician behind bars. But he fails in his attempt and ends up being killed by the henchman of Kyung Young. Surprisingly, he meets a bold woman, who gives him a second chance to bring down the politician.

The newly released teaser of Again My Life then follows Hee Woo in his new life. He meets a few new people, including a feisty and loyal reporter Kim Han Mi ( portrayed by Kim Jae Kyung), a funny and fierce lawyer Lee Min Soo (played by Jung Sang Hoon), and a bold woman with a brilliant personality Kim Hee Ah. They work with Hee Woo to send Kyung Young behind bars.

Watch the Teaser Below:

My Liberation Notes

It is an upcoming JTBC drama that will premiere on April 9 at 10.30 pm KST. It stars Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Son Seok Gu in lead roles. It follows three siblings living in a small village and their relationship with a stranger named Mr. Gu. In the mini-series, Min Ki will portray a young man named Yeom Chang Hee, Lee El, and Ji Won will portray his sisters, Yeom Ki Jung and Yeom Mi Jung.

The production released a highlight video ahead of the premiere. It features the three siblings having dinner with their father. They talk about their struggles while commuting from Gyeonggi Province to Seoul and back every day. Mi Jung complains about leaving office parties early to reach home on time. Ki Jung spoke about leaving home early morning, and Chang Hee complained about not having a car of his own.

The video then introduces Mr. Gu to the viewers as he enjoys dinner with Ki Jung and her siblings. Though he is not welcomed in the family, the person gradually gets closer to Mi Jung. In the meantime, Ki Jung meets a man with hopes for a romantic relationship. And, Chang Hee works toward his bright future.

My Liberation Notes
A poster of upcoming Korean drama My Liberation Notes. . Twitter

Our Blues

It is an upcoming tvN drama that is set to premiere on April 9 at 9.10 pm KST. It stars Shin Min Ah, Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min, Kim Woo Bin, Cha Seung Won, and Lee Jung Eun in lead roles. It revolves around the people living on Jeju Island and features the various challenges faced by them. It will portray Byung Hun as Lee Dong Suk, Min Ah as Min Sun Ah, Ji Min as Lee Young Ok, Woo Bin as Park Jung Joon, Seung Won as Choi Han Soo, and Jung Eun as Jung Eun Hee.

The production team released new stills ahead of the premiere introducing the lead characters of the drama. They feature the characters living in various parts of a small village called Pooreung. They make their living by working in the market. The first two photos feature Lee Dong Suk as a beloved young man in the village. He sells several useful items in his truck and helps several elderly women in the village.

The next two stills feature Park Jung Joon, Lee Young Ok, Hyun Choon Hee, and Kang Ok Dong at a fish market. Jung In Kwon and Bang Ho Shik are also featured in the fourth image. The fifth photo shows Bang Young Joo and Jung Hyun as adorable high school couples. Other characters featured in the stills are captain Park Jung Joon, expert Hyun Choon Hee, rookie Lee Young Ok, Min Sun Ah, bank manager Choi Han Soo, Go Mi Ran, Jung In Kwon, Bang Ho Shik, and Kim Kwang Kyu.

Our Blues
A promotional still of the upcoming Korean drama Our Blues. Twitter

Prosecutor Jin's Victory

EXO member D.O. will star in the upcoming KBS drama Prosecutor Jin's Victory. The legal drama will revolve around prosecutor Jin Jung. He is known for his delinquency and bad manners. He goes after the greedy people and breaks down the sanctuaries created with wealth and power. He will try to build a corrupt-free world.

The mini-series is directed by Kim Sung Ho and written by screenwriter Lim Young Bin. The EXO member will portray the male lead, who works at the third division of the Central District Prosecutors' Office. He is known for his charming personality, and he works for weak people.

"Prosecutor Jin's Victory' is a drama that will deliver great satisfaction and thrill that viewers have yet to feel until now through refreshing [scenes] in which the crazy delinquent prosecutor works at the villains' eye levels", the production team said.

EXO member D.O SM Town


It is an upcoming web drama that is set to premiere on April 29. It is directed by Jang Gun Jae of A Midsummer's Fantasia fame, who won the Best Director and Best Screenplay awards at the 3rd Wildflower Film Awards and Best Screenplay award at the 16th Busan Film Critics Award. The web drama is penned by director Yeon Sang Ho.

Monstrous follows a group of archaeologists who focuses on the people who are cursed and chase them. The suspense thriller features Goo Kyo Hwan as archaeologist Jung Ki Hoon, Shin Hyun Been as cryptanalyst Lee Soo Jin, Kim Ji Young as police chief Han Seok Hee, Nam Da Reum as her son Han Do Kyung, Kwak Dong Yeon as troublemaker Kwak Yong Joo, and Park Ho San as governor Kwon Jong Soo.

A poster of upcoming Korean drama Monstrous. Twitter

The production team has released a new poster and the caption of it read: Those who see its eyes get trapped in hell. It shows Jung Ki Hoon, Lee Soo Jin, Han Seok Hee, Han Do Kyung, Kwak Yong Joo, and Kwon Jong Soo.

"The cursed Buddha statue will wake up and open the darkest hell in people's hearts. Please watch how the ashy fear will bind up the people in unpredictable darkness. The intertwined stories of Jung Ki Hoon, Lee Soo Jin, Han Seok Hee, Han Do Kyung, Kwak Yong Joo, and Kwon Jong Soo, who fight against a strange force, will create the most Korean supernatural thriller", the production team shared.