Bloody Heart Spoilers: Yoo Jung Boldly Accepts her Fate and Wishes Good Luck to Lee Tae

Bloody Heart is set to premiere on KBS 2TV Monday, May 2, at 9.30 pm KST. Episode 1 will introduce Lee Joon as King Lee Tae, Kang Han Na as Queen Yoo Jung, and Jang Hyuk as Kingmaker Park Gye Won. The chapter will explain how the three characters get entangled in a political battle.

The production team has released character posters of all the three lead characters ahead of the premiere. The character posters introduce the characters to the viewers. They also explain the goals and personalities of each of the characters in the drama. All the characters showcase different kinds of charm in the posters.

The posters also hint at the complicated relationship between King Lee Tae and Queen Yoo Jung. In the character poster of Yoo Jung, she boldly accepts her fate and wishes good luck to Lee Tae. Meanwhile, Lee Tae requests Yoo Jung to choose a joyful path and stay safe in his character poster.

Bloody Heart
The character posters of the new KBS drama Bloody Heart Twitter

Meet the Characters of Bloody Heart:

Lee Tae

He is a King who does anything for his survival and dreams of an absolute monarchy. He believes in choosing any path to achieve his goals. He is also good at justifying the means he chose for his goal even if it is a dishonest or illegal route. But he gets entangled in a political battle after he is forced to choose between love and monarchy.

The character poster of Lee Tae features his fragile appearance and focuses on the sadness in his eyes. It also depicts his desire to protect his former lover Yoo Jung and keep her away from the palace politics. The captions for the poster read: "I will live in my hell, so live with a smile in your world".

Bloody Heart
Actor Lee Joon as King Lee Tae in the KBS drama Bloody Heart. Twitter

Yoo Jung

She is a bold and free-spirited woman who has everything from innate intelligence to excellent resourcefulness. Her mindset is ahead of the time, and she gets entangled in a political battle after meeting Lee Tae. Her eventful life becomes more interesting as she gets caught up in political affairs.

The poster of Yoo Jung highlights her humble and graceful figure while featuring her unique elegance. It focuses on her determinant eyes and fierce look. The poster also features her determination to survive between several ruthless people in the palace. The caption for the character poster read: "Your Highness, protect yourself. I'll protect myself."

Bloody Heart
Actress Kang Han Na as Yoo Jung in the historical drama Bloody Heart. Twitter

Park Gye Won

Another important character in the Bloody Heart is Kingmaker Park Gye Won. He is a fierce and loyal government official who will do anything to stop another tyrant from affecting the country. As the first vice-premier and the head of power in Joseon, he will do everything to protect his country.

The character poster of Gye Won features a powerful aura and beast-like looks. So, it is difficult to identify whether he is a protagonist or an antagonist. The caption for the poster read: "Everything God does is for this country Joseon".

Bloody Heart
Actor Jang Hyuk as Kingmaker Park Gye Won in the KBS drama Bloody Heart. Twitter