Wonder Girls member Hyerim set to marry boyfriend Shin Min Chul; here are the details

According to rrr Entertainment, Hyerim will get married to her boyfriend for seven years Taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul in July at a hall in Seoul

Wonder Girl member Hyerim is all set to tie the knot with her boyfriend of seven years, Shin Min Chul. The announcement was made by rrr Entertainment on May 1, 2020.

Hyerim is also known as Lim will marry her Taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul in July this year in a hall in Seoul. The venue and date are still kept a secret. Though there were rumours, the couple had not appeared together in public but made their relationship official when it was announced that they will appear in MBC's show "Don't Be Jealous." The couple will also give more details on the wedding preparations on the show. Accordingly, the couple is in love since 2013.

Hyerim is all set to tie the knot with Shin Min Chul

Hyerim and Shin Min Chul Instagram

rrr Entertainment released a statement to announce Hyerim's wedding, "After 7 years together, protecting their unchanging love toward each other with loyalty and trust, Woo Hye Lim and Shin Min Chul have decided to bring their love to the next stage by tying the knot. The two plan on holding a wedding ceremony this July at a hall in Seoul. It may be a time of strain and difficulty for everyone, but we are carefully delivering this news as we believed that it was proper to let those who love and cheer on Hye Lim know. We ask for your warm congratulations toward the two, who are going to begin a new chapter in their life."

rrr Entertainment also stated that they cannot reveal any more details of the wedding as of now and asked fans to understand the situation. Thus, Hyerim has become the second member of the Wonder Girls group to get married after Sunye. Singer Sunye had got married in 2013 and is said to have three children now.

The 28-year-old Hyerim is all set to start a new life with 34-year-old Shin Min Chul, who is known as extreme Taekwondo artiste. Hyerim was recently in news for quitting JYP Entertainment along with Wonder Girl's member Yubin. She joined rrr Entertainment that was founded by Yubin. According to Yubin, rrr stands for 'Real Recognize Real.' JYP Entertainment had released a statement regarding Hyerim and Yubin's departure from the agency on January 28.

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