Former Wonder Girls member Hyerim to reveal non-celebrity boyfriend of 7 years in MBC reality show

Hyerim recently joined rrr Entertainment established by former member of Wonder Girls Yubin. Hyerim is appearing publically in front of the camera with her boyfriend of seven years for the first time

Hyerim new

Former Wonder Girls member Hyerim will make her relationship public on the MBC reality show "Don't Be Jealous," also known as "Real Love Story." Making the announcement, Hyerim confirmed that she was seeing someone for seven years and will come before the camera with her boyfriend and their love story in the reality show.

Hyerim also known as Lim is dating a non-celebrity and so far no details are known about his identity. Hyerim took to Instagram to make an announcement in this regard. She wrote in a handwritten letter (that was written in both Korean and English):

Hyerim letter

The rrr Entertainment is founded by Yubin, her former fellow member at Wonder Girls.

Don't Be Jealous is a reality show that will feature the love-life of celebrities. It is a real-life story of celebrities and their partners about how they go about their everyday life.

The show is hosted by celebrities Jang Sung Kyu, Jang Do Yeon, Heo Jae, Jeon Somi, and VIXX's Ravi. The first episode of Don't Be Jealous was aired on Monday.

Before Hyerim Rainbow's Jisook and her boyfriend Lee Doo Hee; chef Lee Won Il and PD Kim Yoo Jin of The Manager fame; and actress Choi Song Hyun and her boyfriend Lee Jae Han have appeared on the show with details of their everyday life.

The show will also feature celebrities speaking on issues like marriage, how they balance between relationship and work etc.