TWICE Nayeon's stalker is back, allegedly threatens to kill her if she dates anyone else

The fans have been demanding action against Josh, who is the foreign stalker of the famous K-pop singer

The foreign stalker of TWICE's Nayeon is back and the messages he has used to threaten her have made Nayeon's fans worried. The fans have requested quick action from JYP Entertainment against the stalker.

The stalker who had openly declared his 'love' for Nayeon earlier and had even travelled to Korea and tried to threaten her on the aeroplane she was travelling, has threatened her now again. His messages read: "If she dates secretly behind my back without telling me, of course, 100% I would kill her."

Nayeon's stalker releases new messages


She was seriously threatened in December 2019, when the stalker named Josh who used to message her on social media and publish videos of expressing his feelings, approached Nayeon during TWICE's flight back to Korea from Japan.

He later had admitted that he approached her to give the singer his love letters but was stopped by Nayeon's staff. Meanwhile, currently, Josh's Twitter account has been suspended.

JYP Entertainment filed a restraining order against Josh

Nayeon Stalker message

This incident led JYP Entertainment to file for a restraining order against Josh, also criminal cases were filed against him. The restraining order was temporarily withdrawn on March 18 after Josh returned to Germany. However, criminal complaints have not been withdrawn by JYP Entertainment. The Immigration Service also has been instructed to contact the police to have him directly arrested at the airport if he returns to Korea.

But even after that Josh had continuously sent messages addressed to Nayeon on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. He had written in one of his messages, "I want Nayeon to be happy. I don't know her true opinion about me but maybe she wants me to go back to Germany. That's why I decided to go back to Germany now. I always respect Nayeons decisions and I really want Nayeon to be happy."

Fans are concerned about the singer

Josh stalker

The fans have urged JYP for action following the seriousness of the messages that also state that Nayeon ignores him and every sane person would kill her.

Josh also put out an audio recording stating, "I would never hurt Nayeon, but if she dates secretly behind my back without talking to me about it, then of course, are you f***ing ret**ded, man? Are you f***ing completely ret**ded? This is the most normal thing to do if someone betrays you, if your true love betrays you, and she knows that you truly love her, and Nayeon knows that I truly love her, and if she would still date secretly behind my back, and she certainly knows because I talked to her during the aeroplane flight, then of course, what do you think..."

Here is an earlier audio recording of Josh pleading and threatening Nayeon to contact him and let his speak to her.

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