K-pop star Wheesung found unconscious in bathroom second time in two days, syringe found on spot?

South Korean singer Wheesung was found unconscious with a bag containing a syringe and liquid in the bathroom of a building in Songpa on March 31. This time he was found unconscious in a hotel room

Korean singer Wheesung was reportedly found unconscious in the bathroom of a hotel room late on April 2, just two days after he was found in the same state.

Reports claim that Wheesung was found in an unconscious state at the first floor bathroom in a hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, at 9.15 p.m. (KST). It is said that a syringe and a bottle of anesthetic (sleep-inducing liquid) were found next to him.

Earlier, a man allegedly delivering drugs to Wheesung was captured on CCTV and the police are said to have arrested the man.

On March 31, Wheesung was found unconscious in the bathroom of a building in Songpa at night. Police suspected it to be an illegal drug use case, but the singer had tested negative for illegal substance use.

The reports of the tests came out on April 1. When police found Wheesung, they also spotted a plastic bag with syringes and and a bottle of liquid, leading to speculation that the singer had consumed drugs.

Wheesung is facing probe into illegal use of propofol


Wheesung is facing a probe into alleged illegal use of propofol. Against this background, the police decided to test him for drug use. But the singer's urine was found to be negative for illegal drugs. Latest reports claim that Wheesung has been sent back home. The police also clarified that he used anesthetics that were not classified as illegal drugs.

In earlier instances too Wheesung was accused of using illegal drugs. He was alleged to be using propofol in 2013 when he was serving the military. But the singer had clarified that he was using propofol as he had a herniated disc in his spine and was also suffering from partial hair loss. He was cleared of the charges later.

Wheesung associated with many controversies

The singer was accused of similar charges again in March. A report in Chosun Ilbo on March 26 claimed that during a probe a dealer had said that Wheesung purchased a large amount of propofol form him. The police had stated that the singer used to inject large amounts of the drug and would seek his arrest soon.

He was later accused by TV celebrity Amy of forcing her to take propofol along with him and allegedly asked her to take the blame. But later, Wheesung released an audio clipping of Amy's phone call, where she admitted that all the accusations against Wheesung were lies. She later posted an apology in this regard.

After this, Wheesung returned to social media activities and posted on Instagram a message for his father. Wheesung wrote: "I'm honorable and right in front of you, Dad. I don't care about these pitiful people's accusations. Dad, please give blessings for those whose hearts are more broken than mine. I'm not ashamed. Now it doesn't matter if anyone believes [me] or not. I just do my job, see my family, and walk with my head held high like you do... I'll be back."