Who Is Morgan Osman? Influencer Has Meltdown on American Airlines as She Tells Passengers She Doesn't Mind Being Filmed Because She is 'Instagram Famous' [WATCH]

When someone instructs her to be quiet, she retorts with, "No, you shut the f*** up! You shut the f*** up, and you're a b***h."

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A furious airplane passenger has gained significant attention after launching into a profanity-laden tirade on an American Airlines flight. The incident has gone viral, with the passenger exclaiming, "I'm Instagram famous," reminiscent of the Tiffany Gomas incident where she exclaimed, "that motherf***** isn't real."

This new "plane woman" who has since has since been identified as Morgan Osman, a model, sparked widespread online criticism, with viewers labeling her as "entitled" and a "clown" for her disruptive behavior during the American Airlines flight.The 35-year-old designer, who appeared on Oxygen's "The Bad Girls Club," recently confirmed her identity in a statement to the Post.

Another Midair Meltdown

The 20-second video begins with the woman, wearing a snug-fitting gray unitard, grabbing her belongings from the overhead compartment while loudly berating a fellow passenger on the flight.

"Call me a b***h again," she challenges the fellow passenger, as the person recording the incident lets out a snort of laughter, the Daily Mail reported.

Plane woman
Morgan Osman seen launching foul-mouth tirade inside the American Airlines flight Twitter

Osman continues her profanity-laden tirade. "Call me a b****h again, I did nothing wrong!" she shouts as she holds her suitcase and a handbag by her side.

When someone instructs her to be quiet, she retorts with, "No, you shut the f*** up! You shut the f*** up, and you're a b***h."

Osman then proceeds to walk down the aisle but then notices another passenger filming the interaction on her phone. Enraged, she turns toward the person with the phone and yells, "Film me - I'm Instagram famous, you f*****g bum."

As the brunette continues down the aisle, out of the camera's view, she can be heard using profanity towards other passengers, while several people on the plane can be heard laughing at the spectacle.

American Airlines did not provide an immediate response to a request for comment from DailyMail.com, and the exact date of the incident captured in the footage remains unclear.

Morgan Osman
Morgan Osman Instagram

As of now, the the specific flight Morgan Osman was on remains unclear. The incident has garnered attention and gone viral without clear details regarding her identity or the exact flight details.

Another Tiffany Gomas

The disruptive behavior by Morgan Osman bears a resemblance to Tiffany Gomas' widely publicized plane meltdown on July 2, where she also had a notable outburst during a flight. Gomas was caught on camera shouting at another passenger as she disembarked the aircraft, exclaiming "that mother f***er isn't real."

Woman has meltdown

The 38-year-old marketing executive could be seen loudly telling a male flight attendant near her seat on the flight from Dallas to Orlando: "Stop the f***ing plane, stop the f***ing plane, stop the plane."

Prior to this, she had accused a relative of stealing her AirPods and further created a scene by proclaiming the plane was unsafe and would not reach its destination.

Morgan Osman
Morgan Osman Twitter

Social media users swiftly drew comparisons between these two disruptive incidents, sharing screenshots side by side and humorously asking, "Who did it better?"'

"Imagine being this entitled," a Twitter user wrote in response to the footage of the Instagram-famous woman wearing a unitard.

Others chuckled at her usage of the derogatory phrase "you bum" and the clown emoji.

Morgan Osman
Morgan Osman Instagram

Many passengers asked who she is, to which one person responded, "I'm Instagram famous," adding that nobody on the airline recognized her.

This article was first published on September 18, 2023