Woman Gets Arrested for Telling a Kenosha Cop He Has 'Little Dick' in Viral Video

The woman and her colleague claimed to be journalists who were recording the night curfew imposed in the city.

A woman was placed under arrest by a Kenosha Police Department cop soon after she made a scathing comment about the size of his penis. The woman in the viral video is a citizen journalist who, along with her colleague, was shooting the night curfew imposed in the city.

After a spate of widespread demonstrations and violent protests erupted in Wisconsin city following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the police had imposed a night curfew in the area.

Kenosha woman arrested

Woman Enrages Cop with her 'Little Dick' Comment

In the video, which has gone viral on social media, a couple of cops rounded up the woman and her colleague for questioning as they reason with the cops. The masked cop is telling the female reporter to pick up her belongings, including the camera placed on the ground and leave the area.

A male, who is not seen on the camera is heard telling the cops that they are journalists and covering night curfew when one of the cop is heard saying, "You're putting us in a f--king difficult position every time: just don't be out here after curfew and we won't have to deal with it.

When the other cop says that there's nothing to report anyways, the man responds, "And that's what we were trying to show."

The female is seen picking up her stuff from the ground as she prepares to leave. "Ma'am, keep walking. Goodbye," the cop is heard telling her as he follows her. "I'm going, don't touch me, don't touch me. I'm walking, you don't need to touch me," the woman tells the cop.

The woman is heard telling the cop, "At this point, you're just showing all of us how little your dick is. I'm out." Enraged over her remark, the cop immediately responds by saying, "You're under arrest." When the woman questions the reason for her arrest, the cop says, "Disorderly conduct and curfew."

Social Media Left Enraged Over Woman's Arrest

As the woman is apparently led to the police car she lodges her protest saying, " I haven't done anything! I'm not doing anything. It feels like you were waiting for this."

The cop is then heard telling the woman that she should put her phone down as she is under arrest. As the phone falls to the ground, sounds of handcuffs being placed are heard in the video, which ends soon after.

The video which was shared on multiple social media platforms have left many users fuming. "Sure, freedom of speech, but it was immature of her to have brought it to that level and it was immature of the officer to react in The way he did. I believe officers need a little psychological training as well as enforcement," reacted a user on Twitter.

"wtf kind of cops do they have in #Kenosha? a black man is shot in the back 7 times and a female journalist is arrested for telling a cop he has a little dick! #CJTV," wrote another user.