Woman Accuses Latino Man of Kidnapping His Own Grandson Because Their Skin Color Didn't Match

A woman in Torrance, California, called the cops on a hispanic grandfather because she found it suspicious that he was carrying a white child in his arms.

A Torrance grandfather was accused of abducting his own grandson because they had different skin tones.The woman called the Torrance Police Department on Sunday afternoon after she spotted the Hispanic man walking around with a small child.

In a video, originally shared on TikTok by user @athiemm, the man's daughter shared clips of her father playing with her son before he is seen explaining to officers that the woman accused him of kidnapping her own grandson.

Abel Mata and Milo Walker
Abel Mata and Milo Walker. Facebook

The video ends with a social media post, in which she revealed that her father, Abel Mata, was pulled over by cops for "kidnapping" her two-year-old son, Milo Walker, outside their Torrance residence after the woman reported them because she found it suspicious that her dad was brown and her son white.

"She was walking around with a samurai sword and the cops kept focusing on my dad, holding my son," Athena wrote. "She had a weapon in her hand and they didn't bat an eye." Watch the clip below:

'I Was Judged According to the Color of My Skin'

According to police the woman was armed with a large knife in a sheath, though it wasn't clear why she had it.

"It was an older white lady, blond hair, curly hair," said Mata, who moved to the United States from Mexico at the age of 5. "She was telling me that I was an abductor. She was yelling that I was trying to abduct the child."

However, officers talked to Mata and immediately realized it was not an abduction. As for the woman, police said they could not initiate action against the woman as the sword was sheathed and she did not threaten anyone with it.

"I was judged according to the color of my skin and the color of the skin of my grandson," Mata said.

"We've lived in Southern California our whole lives and I've seen my dad experience racism because of the color of his skin and the way he looks, but never to this extent," said Athena.