'You Africans Are So Violent': LA Woman Calls Police on Black Woman, Falsely Accuses Her of Assault

The woman was filmed calling 911 and falsely claiming she was being "violently attacked" by an "African black person" in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles.

A video of a white woman being racist towards a black woman before calling the police on her and falsely accusing her of assaulting her in Manhattan Beach, California, is being widely circulated on social media.

The video was shot by the black woman, who pulled out her cellphone and started recording after being called a racial slur by the woman along a bike path on the beach.

'This Woman Just Hit Me'

Racist woman in LA
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. YouTube

The clip starts off with the woman falsely accusing the black woman of assaulting her. "This person accosted me, I'm calling the police," the woman can be heard saying to the black woman. "I'm calling the police. This woman just hit me, everybody."

She then goes on a racist tirade against the woman saying "Africans" are violent people. "You guys are so violent. You Africans are so f*cking violent," she says to the black woman, who tells her to keep going as she films her racist behavior.

"You're an African, right? I'm trying to give a description. Why are you so offended by the fact that you're an African?," she says to the videographer.

The black woman then accuses the woman of calling her the N-word, which the racist woman tries to justify by saying, "you're an African."

"So an African is a n*gger?," the woman filming asks her.

'I Need a Paramedic'

The woman then calls 911 and falsely claims the black woman accosted her and violently attacked her. She then tells the police that the woman filming is not wearing a mask and not complying with social distancing guidelines.

The woman then calls the black woman a "disease" and a "virus" before she gives the responder a description of her location and then asks for medical attention.

"I need a paramedic. I need an ambulance. My environment has been harmed by this African black person" she says over the phone. "I have been harmed by the environment that this African has created."

"My emergency is that I was just attacked by an African black person. She just attacked me from behind." Watch the full video below:

Filing a False Report

The woman makes up a non-existent emergency similar to the one concocted by Amy Cooper, the white woman who was caught on camera calling 911 and falsely accusing Chris Cooper, an African-American man, of threatening her in Central Park.

The video, which went viral in May, showed Amy frantically calling the police, while alleging that Chris, an avid birdwatcher, was threatening her after he simply asked her to leash her dog as they were in the Central Park Ramble, an area of the park where dogs are required to be leashed.

Amy became hysterical and dialled 911 as she is heard saying, "I'm going to tell them there's an African-American man threatening my life."

Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper in a still from the video that was widely circulated on social media. Twitter

"I'm in the Ramble, there is a man, African-American, he has a bicycle helmet and he is recording me and threatening me and my dog," she told the dispatcher. "I am being threatened by a man in the Ramble, please send the cops immediately!"

In the wake of the incident, Amy was fired from her job as the head of insurance portfolio management at Franklin Templeton and charged with filing a false report and is now facing a year in jail if she's convicted of the misdemeanor false-report charge.