Retired Police Sergeant Calls Black Lives Matter Protester a 'N*gger Lover' in Seal Beach [VIDEO]

Timothy Brenner served on the El Segundo police force for three decades before retiring in 2002.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters descended upon Eisenhower Park in Seal Beach, California, on Saturday to peacefully protest against racism, police brutality and injustice when one of them was berated by a retired police sergeant.

A video of the former sergeant verbally abusing the protester and using a racial slur is now being widely circulated on social media. The footage was shared by Instagram user Liz Oh, who pulled out her cellphone and started filming as the man, identified as Tim Brenner, started hurling profanity-laced insults at her from across the street before walking over.

'Go F**k Yourself'

Retired Sgt. Timothy Brenner
Retired Sgt. Timothy Brenner in a still from the video that was shared by Liz Oh on Instagram. Instagram

The clip starts off with Oh asking Brenner to "stay back" as he approaches her and starts recording her. "Go to hell! No, I'm not staying back," Brenner says to Oh. "Go f**k yourself!"

Oh then calls Brenner a "racist," to which he replies, "Go f**k yourself, n*gger lover."

"F**k you," Brenner can repeatedly be heard telling the woman. "Not the f**king street."

Brenner then walks away as dozens of protesters walk by chanting "Black Lives Matter slogans and holding signs demanding justice for Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot seven times by a white police officer at close range last month in Kenosha Wisconsin. Watch the video below:

Social Media Calls for Forfeiture of Brenner's Pension

Brenner was later identified as a sergeant who retired from the El Segundo Police Department in 2002 after three decades on the force. According to public records, Brenner has received approximately $120,000 in pension every year since his retirement.

Now, social media users are urging city officials to forfeit Brenner's pension in the wake of his racist behavior.

"Another racist here in SoCal. Retired police officer. Still drawing pension from El Segundo, evidently. Let's make him famous and get that pension taken," wrote one user.

"Taxpayers' money is paying for a racist man's pension. This needs to stop! Terminate Sgt. Tim Brenner's pension immediately," another user said in a tweet to El Segundo Mayor Drew Boyles.