Wide-Eyed 'Creepy' Joe Biden Whispers Strangely Into the Mike Repeatedly, Sparks Health Concerns

Concerns were being raised about the health of US President Joe Biden after he was caught whispering repeatedly while addressing a press conference at the White House on Thursday. Biden's strange whispering antics sparked the 'Creepy Joe' trend on social media.

Biden held the impromptu press conference to announce his agreement to a new infrastructure deal with a bipartisan group of senators.

Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden was caught speaking in whispers during a press conference at the White House. Twitter

Why Was Biden Whispering Like a 'Creep'?

It is for the first time that Biden was caught speaking weirdly in whispers with wide eyes. Multiple clips of Biden whispering during the Q &A session went viral on social media.

"You said people are waiting for relief," Biden started saying, before leaning into the microphone to whisper, "I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far." Returning to his normal volume, he continued, "They're going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for childcare."

Later, the US President said, "These are really tough decisions senators got. I don't in any way dismiss what Senator Murphy says about the environment. I don't dismiss it at all. Just remind him." He ended his statement with a wide-eyed whisper, "I wrote the bill on the environment."

Four minutes later, Biden said, "And guess what? Remember, you're asking me — and I'm not being critical of you all, I really mean this, those are legitimate questions you're asking me. Asking me, 'Well, you know, guess what? Employers can't find workers.'" He leaned forward into the mike and whispered, "I said, 'Yeah. Pay them more.'"

Social Media Trends With #Creepy Joe

The netizens found the behavior of the US President quite odd, with the many Trump supporters restarting the #CreepyJoe. Joe Biden is so strange. "What is this whispering thing he does now? This is all so weird," wrote a Twitter user.

"I just watched this on tv and he came off weird. Whispering isn't good look, sir," wrote a user as another added, "The Bible doesn't but Biden does! (Whisper)"

"What the??? This is disturbing #andweknow "Employ- ease bargaining chip," read another tweet.

"Regardless of what you think about President Biden...that whisper thing he does is very weird. I honestly think it's pretty condescending," opined another user.