'Moderna Exec' Admits to Vaccinated People Being Part of Experiment in Leaked Phone Call?

A viral claim suggesting that a Moderna 'representative' made a 'horrific admission' about vaccinated people being part of the 'experiment' is not true. Despite the distorted claim, it has caught netizens' fancy by becoming another conspiracy theory related to COVID-19 vaccine .

The claim went viral after it originated in one of the episodes of The Stew Peters Show on June 22. The recorded phone call, on which the entire claim was made, included a patient who received Moderna jab and a man who the show's host claimed to be the pharma giant's representative.

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A call recording between a patient and 'Moderna representative' was played on The Stew Peters Show. Twitter

What Was Discussed During the Phone Call With 'Moderna Rep'?

The episode of the show, broadcast on Red Voice Media, was titled: "Recordings of Moderna Representative Making HORRIFIC Admission About Jab."

"In a shocking recorded phone call between a jab victim and a representative of Moderna, the agent of the pharmaceutical company admitted that EVERYONE that subjects themselves to the shot in the arm is part of the experiment," read the article accompanying the recorded conversation.

"The representative chuckled when admitting that each person that receives the so-called 'vaccine' is a part of the trial, and admitted that the jab has no proven efficacy. During the call, the Moderna representative didn't seem surprised by the victim's serious diagnosis, caused by the Moderna injection," it stated further.

Who is Brittany Galvin?

The phone call features a woman named Brittany Galvin, who made the phone call to the Moderna's Customer Care, and a man named Gilbert, a 'representative' who called the patient back after the call got disconnected.

During the show, Peters claims that Galvin has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome by a neurologist besides becoming magnetized following the jab. The host further adds that Galvin made the call to apprise the pharma giant of her experience following the shot.

The recorded phone call appears to be irregular and not in flow as the conversation goes on between Galvin and Gilbert. At one point Galvin is heard asking questions pertaining to post vaccination. "So what happens after this? I mean what if; have you guys seen a, seen a lot of this? Like, what, what's gonna happen?"

As soon as Gilbert responds by saying "Yeah", Peters stops the recording and says, "So, the Moderna rep clearly says that they have seen these reactions! He doesn't seem surprised by any of her symptoms or her diagnosis -- that's shocking! But not as shocking as the admission that he made next."

Are Those Getting Jabs Really Part of the vaccine Experiment?

Towards the later part of the recorded call, Galvin asks, "So everybody who's getting these vaccines right now is in the clinical trial. It's not like some of us got it and some of us didn't. Like everyone who is getting it is in and participating in the clinical trial."

To this Gilbert responds, "Uhhhhh prettty muchhhh, I mean yeeeah, because, yeah." The recording was again stopped and Peters, while responding to Gilbert as "the company", said, "So the company that wants you to believe that these injections are safe," he said.

"The company that produces and regurgitates this narrative that they have proven efficacy.
The company that is pushing you towards their plan to profit billions of dollars at the expense of the rest of your life, at the expense of your children's life, has now admitted on the record that everyone that subjects themselves to their jab is part of a trial, part of an experiment!"

Here is the Truth

According to Lead Stories, a fact-checking website, the claim about everyone getting vaccinated being part of the experiment is not true. Claiming that Gilbert's relationship with Moderna or the extent of his knowledge of Moderna is not known, the outlet reported that his words were intentionally distorted, cut off and misrepresented.

Stating that Peters misrepresented by saying, "The company has now admitted on the record that everyone that subjects themselves to their jab is part of a trial, is part of an experiment," the outlet claimed that it was only because the customer service employee was unable to counter Galvin's unusual and rapid-fire line of questioning that took him off the prepared script.

The outlet also reported that Gilbert was "unable to correct the false statement that Galvin introduced again and again into the phone conversation she was recording- that every vaccinated person is part of the clinical trial."