Whole Fish Removed From Chinese Man's Rectum After He 'Accidentally' Sat on It (Watch Video)

In a weird incident, doctors removed a whole fish from the rectum of a 30-year-old man in China's Guangdong province after he "accidentally" sat on the fish.

Fish Removed
Fish Removed

The fish, identified as blue tilapia, is one of China's largely produced fish. According to the Daily Mail, reports from local Chinese media did not disclose the size of the fish. However, the species, which is generally confused with Nile Tilapia, usually measures up to 12-16 inches in length.

Initially the Man Tried to Remove the Fish On His Own

A video of the gruesome procedure has also surfaced online. The video footage shows the doctors at the Zhaoqing First People's Hospital in Guangdong province of southern China removing the dead blue tilapia fish from the patient's body, reported the Daily Mail.

According to the outlet, the patient complained of severe abdominal pain during his visit to the hospital. Later, during an X-ray, a whole fish was found lodged in his rectum.

On being asked how the fish entered his rectum, the unnamed man claimed that it slipped into his rectum after he accidentally sat on the creature, reported Guangdong Television.

It was only after he was unable to remove the fish from his rectum on his own that he decided to visit the hospital. Upon finding the fish "quite big", the doctors had to surgically remove it from the man's body after cutting open his belly. A nurse was heard complaining in the video: "It stinks so much!"

Study Finds Reason Behind Men Inserting Foreign Objects in Their Bodies

Recently, a 68-year-old Chinese man in Hubei province was found with a 10-inch chopstick lodged in his belly. Science Times reported that the unnamed man inserted the chopstick "out of curiosity" after developing piles. The elderly man was discharged after doctors removed the metal stick from his intestines.

According to the outlet, between 1993 and 2002, the University of Southern California (USC) General Hospital received almost one patient monthly who had inserted an object up their rectum. Dr Kyle Cologne and Dr Glenn Ault, both surgeons from USC, have determined that most patients were male.

Data from the Massachusetts General hospital shows that usually these male individuals were seeking out some form of erotic stimulation and that for every female there would be 37 males attempting to put an object inside their rectum. As much as 50 per cent were suspected to find it erotic while others were trying to relieve discomfort from hemorrhoids or find a cure for constipation, reported the publication.