Dan Bilzerian Offers $5,000 for Naming Autobiography; Promises Crazy Details in Upcoming Book

As soon as the post went up on both Instagram and Twitter, users started coming up with unique and bizarre titles.

Self-Styled playboy Dan Bilzerian, known for his eccentric and flashy lifestyle, announced an award of $5,000 for providing a title for his recently finished autobiography. Within an hour of his post, Bilzerian was trending at Number 1 spot on Twitter. Often termed as the King of Instagram, Bilzerian has 31.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million on Twitter.

Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian/ Instagram

Bilzerian's Autobiography Would Have Few Photographs Too

In a post made both on Instagram and the microblogging site, the playboy wrote: "Finished writing my autobiography, $5,000 to the best book title in the comments." He also posted his picture while working on a laptop as a woman dressed in a barely-there neon-colored bikini sat on his thigh.

Bilzerian announced around two months ago that he was writing the book. However, he did not disclose what the readers should expect in his autobiography. A week later, he posted a picture taking bath in an oversized tub with a couple of nude women accompanying him. Bilzerian captioned the post: "Going through old pics, this book gonna be crazy."

Bilzerian's brazen lifestyle pivots around a hoard of lingerie-clad women prancing around him. The professional poker player is one of the most popular celebrities globally.

Netizens Work Overtime to Name His Autobiography

As soon as the post went up on both Instagram and Twitter, users hoping to claim $5,000 award money, came up with unique and bizarre titles for his upcoming autobiography.

Dan Bilzerian

"F**k you, I'm Dan Bilzerian," suggested one user on Twitter, as the other wrote, "Life of a man every man wants to be."

Dan Bilzerian

"Weed and pussy: my life story," suggested Joey Swoll on Instagram. "Dan Bilzerian" That's literally enough... Everyone tries to add more because their name alone may not mean enough. It's a book. Your name is on it. Done. ," wrote Mike Swick.

In one of his previous tweets last month, Bilzerian wrote: "What we need is to limit government power and what I fear is these riots will have the opposite effect #2A."

Dan Bilzerian

In yet another posted last week, the playboy wrote: "Wish they'd do the cop who murdered George like they did Epstein.

According to DMARGE, even as riots spread across the US, Bilzerian posted a few videos on his Instagram story which showed a bikini-clad woman looking out the front of one of his mansions holding a machine gun, as she lay on a hammock. A stack of bullets kept on a table near her is also visible in the video.

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Going through old pics, this book gonna be crazy

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