Who Was Pavel Antov? Russian Tycoon and Putin Critic Dies Mysteriously in Hotel in India; Fell From Window or Died By Suicide?

Pavel Antov, a Russian sausage magnate and politician who criticised President Vladimir Putin over the invasion of Ukraine, died after falling "mysteriously" from the third-floor window of a hotel in India. Antov was holidaying in Rayagada region of Odisha, to celebrate his upcoming 66th birthday.

Pavel Antov,
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Russian Authorities Claim Antov "Fell" From the Window

The Telegraph reported that Antov was found lying in a pool of blood outside the Hotel Sai International, where he was staying. The outlet further claimed that an unnamed police official told an Indian news outlet they suspected that the Russian tycoon committed suicide as was depressed following the death of his friend who was found dead in the same hotel.

On Thursday, 61-year-old Vladimir Bidenov was found lying unconscious in his room on the first floor of the same hotel surrounded by empty wine bottles. He is said to have died from a heart attack.

In a statement issued to TASS News Agency Russia's consul general Alexei Idamkin claimed that Antov "fell" from a window. "We are closely following the investigation and receiving all the information from the Odisha police," the envoy was quoted as saying.

Speculations on Social Media

A staunch critic of Putin, the Russian meat tycoon opposed the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. In June, slamming the In June, slamming the Russian missile strikes on Ukraine, Antov wrote, "A girl has been pulled out from under the rubble, the girl's father appears to have died. The mother is being pulled out with a crane — she is trapped under a slab. To tell the truth, it is extremely difficult to call this anything other than terror."

However, fearing criticism Antov deleted the social media post, which he later claimed to be an "unfortunate misunderstanding" and a technical error.

The report led to several speculations on social media regarding the manner of Antov's death. "And another Russian proving that they should not be allowed near windows. Pavel Antov (64), one of russia's richest politicians, died after falling from a window in a hotel in India," tweeted a user.

"Pavel Antov, and while on holiday in India, they'll get you anywhere," read a tweet.

"Another Russian oligarch 'falls out a window' to his death: Tycoon plummets from luxury hotel in India. There are so many of these cases, it's hard to keep count," expressed a user.