Photo Showing Joe Biden Decorating a Christmas Tree Staged For the 'Elderly' President? Speculations on Social Media

A photograph showing U.S. President Joe Biden decorating a Christmas tree has run into controversy as many social media users claimed it to be a staged affair. The picture was released by Biden while sending Christmas wishes to everyone.

joe biden

"Just a Few Finishing Touches"

President Biden tweeted a photo of him and the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden putting finishing touches to a Christmas tree at the White House. "Just a few finishing touches! Hope you and your loved ones are having a great Christmas Eve," he wrote.

The picture shows the President standing on a step ladder as holds a nickel bowl in his hands. Meanwhile Jill Biden is seen standing over a large, white box holding the Christmas decorations.

Earlier, Jill Biden unveiled this year's Christmas decorations, at the White House under the theme "We the People." The decorations include 77 Christmas trees, 25 wreaths and more than 83,615 holiday lights.

"The values that unite us can be found all around you, a belief in possibility and optimism and unity. Room by room we represent what brings us together during the holidays," said the First Lady while unveiling the first look of the seasons' decorations.

Social Media Users Find It Staged

Soon after the picture was shared by the U.S. President there were several social media users who claimed it to be staged. Though the exact location of the Christmas tree in the White House was not revealed, several pointed at its placement in front of a closed door.

"Putting up a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve AND in front of a door? The smell of bullshit follows you everywhere," tweeted a user.

"I don't believe for one second he was dressing the Christmas tree," wrote a user as another added, "Do you always put a Christmas Tree in front of a damn door, asking for a friend...???!!!"

"North America? Or Central America? The USA? All of the above... Merry Christmas Joe... hope someone ran into that Christmas Tree coming through that door and you got video footage of it," read a tweet.

"This picture was taken moments before JRBiden tried to shake hands with the Christmas tree."

"Not believable unless there's video. No way Biden is allowed to climb up onto ladders to place ornaments on a tree. Plus, who decorates a Christmas tree on Christmas eve?" expressed a user.