Who Was Loren Marino? Massachusetts Woman Killed by 'Obsessive' Boyfriend in Murder-Suicide after Being in a Two-Month Violent Relationship

Amaral, believed to have a young son from a previous relationship, allegedly showed Iandolo the two guns he had brought to Marino's apartment.

A young mental health worker endured two months of violence from her obsessive new boyfriend before he fatally shot her and then took his own life, according to the police. Loren Marino, 24, was found dead at her home in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on Sunday night, alongside the body of Austin Amaral, also 24. Both had gunshot wounds to their bodies.

Loren's best friend, Katie Iandolo, said that the couple had known each other for some time. However, their relationship quickly turned violent after they began dating at the beginning of the year, ultimately ending in tragedy after Amaral shot Marino dead before turning the gun on himself, said the friend.

Violent Relationship Ends in Tragedy

Loren Marino
Loren Marino Facebook

"There was a lot of obsession with him. He kind of came and never left," she told Boston25. "He didn't want anybody but him to have a relationship with her."

Amaral, originally from North Providence, Rhode Island, reportedly started exerting control over Marino's social life and displayed possessive and aggressive behavior, according to Iandolo.

"He shoved her into a dresser hard. I kind of freaked out on him," she said.

"He was so psychotic in his eyes when he was yelling at me."

Amaral, believed to have a young son from a previous relationship, allegedly showed Iandolo the two guns he had brought to Marino's apartment. He also reportedly tried to isolate Marino from her friends during this time.

"We had an instant connection. The day we met, we used to call each other soul sisters," Iandolo said.

"While she was sleeping, he took her phone and blocked me from it. He removed me from her Facebook, her Snapchat and her Instagram."

Marino, originally from Rhode Island, worked as a mental healthcare professional at Anodyne Medical Services. She harbored aspirations of pursuing a career as a registered nurse.

Shocking Deaths

Loren Marino
Loren Marino Facebook

"I was flying back from Las Vegas, and I got these words: Loren got murdered," Iandolo said.

"I was hysterical. People were bringing me water and praying over me."

Despite her professional background, Marino was unable to escape the violence inflicted by her boyfriend. Iandolo urged others facing violence in their relationships to seek help and leave at the earliest opportunity. "First red flag, please just go," she said.

"It's only going to get worse. There's no fixing somebody. There's no light at the end of that kind of tunnel."

Now, the friends whom Amaral tried to exclude are making arrangements to attend Marino's funeral on Sunday. They are also working to find foster homes for her two beloved dogs, who were found unharmed beside her lifeless body.

"Loren was a beautiful strong young lady, her amazing beautiful spirit always lit up the room," a tribute to her reads.

"She was the life of the party, and loved to dance, sing and cook. But most of all, she loved her family, her Little Raskals, Darla and Spanky and her many friends."