Madonna Suffers Nasty Fall on Stage Mid-Song During Seattle Concert Leaving Fans Shocked [WATCH]

In a video posted to TikTok, Madonna seemed to wear a smile as she gazed up at the dancer following the mishap.

Madonna left her Seattle audience shocked over the weekend after she fell from a chair during one of her performances at Climate Pledge Arena as she moved too far to the beat. In a video obtained by TMZ, the incident took place when the singer, 65, sat on a chair while performing "Open Your Heart."

A dancer then tried to move the chair along a lengthy section of the stage. However, the choreography hit a snag when the dancer appeared to lose control of the chair, resulting in both Madonna and the dancer falling backward onto their backs. It is unclear if Madonna sustained injuries but she didn't look so.

Shock and Disbelief

Madonna fall
Madonna seen falling from her chair mid-song in Seattle X

Appearing momentarily stunned by the mishap, the "Material Girl" singer was seen lying on the ground briefly before quickly getting back on her feet and continuing the show as if the incident had not occurred.

Several X users went on social media to share their surprise and reactions to the mishap. "Somebody getn fired," one user joked.

"This guy will never be remembered for anything other than the fact that he took down Madonna," another user wrote.

"Grandma is gonna be sore in the morning," joked a third person.

In a video posted to TikTok, Madonna seemed to wear a smile as she gazed up at the dancer following the mishap. Many users commented on how she appeared to have taken the incident in stride, seemingly laughing it off.

Madonna fall
The fall looked nasty as Madonna banged her head on the stage X

"At least she laughed & has a sense of humor," wrote one person.

"She laughed. 20 years ago she would sacked him on the spot!! love her," one fan said.

Not the First Time

This incident is not the first time that chairs used in the "Like a Virgin" singer's "Celebration" tour have led to issues. TMZ reported a mishap during the Washington, DC stop of the tour where a man dressed as Santa Claus took a tumble while receiving a lap dance from one of Madonna's dancers.

Madonna fall
Madonna momentarily looked stunned after the fall but continued singing X

Madonna has suffered nasty falls before, with one of the most memorable occurrences taking place at the 2015 Brit Awards, where she fell off the stage while performing "Living for Love."

During the 2015 Brit Awards, the singer's oversized cape, seemingly caught by one of her dancers, pulled the then-56-year-old backward, resulting in her tumbling down a small set of stairs.

Madonna fall
Madonna seemed to wear a smile as she gazed up at the dancer following the mishap. X

The audible sound of her hitting the ground sent gasps from the audience at the O2 Arena, which accommodates 20,000 people.

Despite sustaining an injury, Madonna persevered with her matador-themed performance, and the audience expressed their appreciation with screams.

Madonna fall
Madonna quickly got back on her feet and continued the show X

After the Brit Awards, the "Evita" actress took to Instagram to explain what happened. "My beautiful cape was tied too tight!" she wrote, noting that it was by Armani. "But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!"