Who was Catherine Kassenoff? Prominent NY Attorney Died by Assisted Suicide "To Torment Her Own Family, Unleashing TikTok Trolls Long After Her Death" ,Says Ex-Husband

She cited terminal cancer and alleged abuse by ex-husband as reasons for ending her life, while latter has denied all charges.

Catherine Kassenoff, a former special counsel to New York Governor Kathy Hochul and matriarch of a prominent Westchester legal family, died by assisted suicide in May 2023. Her ex-husband, Allan Kassenoff, claims she did so to torment him and their children after being accused of abusing their adopted daughter.

Before her death, Catherine posted a large collection of documents and videos online. These materials triggered a wave of TikTok trolls and social media influencers who harassed her family. Allan told The Free Press that Catherine had spent years crafting a false narrative, portraying herself as an innocent victim and him as an abusive husband. He believes her suicide was a calculated move to emotionally devastate him and their children.

Catherine Kassenoff and Family

In a shocking Facebook post on May 27, 2023, Catherine announced that she would die by assisted suicide in Switzerland that day. She cited terminal cancer and alleged abuse by Allan as reasons for ending her life, also criticizing the court system that had restricted her access to their three daughters since 2018. Her final post included a Dropbox link containing numerous legal documents and videos. These files, which Catherine claimed proved her innocence, were used by TikTokers to accuse Allan of abuse. She blamed "unfair rulings," a "disgraced custody evaluator," and a "predatory" court system for her situation.

document by catherine

Allan has denied all allegations of abuse, describing Catherine as manipulative and scheming. He stated that Catherine did not have terminal cancer, according to her oncologist. During their custody battle, Allan accused Catherine of trying to destroy him. Public emails revealed his frustrations, and videos showed him yelling at Catherine and their children. These videos went viral, prompting social media backlash against Allan.

Former nannies and a psychiatrist provided varied descriptions of Catherine's behavior, from "very calm" to "psychopath." Some nannies accused her of abusing their adopted daughter, Ally, favoring her biological children instead. Kim Hull, a former live-in nanny, claimed Catherine instructed her to keep Ally awake all day by dripping water on her head. Another nanny, Celine Dublanchet, alleged that Catherine locked Ally in the basement and made her go outside alone at night as punishment.

Catherine's psychiatrist, Colin Brewer, who approved her suicide request, said she appeared calm and competent. She stated her primary reason for wanting to die was her treatment by Allan, not her cancer. Brewer noted that Catherine's death had been originally scheduled for October 2022, months before she lost access to her children, but was postponed for administrative reasons.

Catherine's suicide and the subsequent social media fallout have left the Kassenoff family grappling with emotional turmoil. Allan continues to deny the abuse allegations, maintaining that Catherine's narrative was a fabrication designed to inflict maximum damage on him and their children.