Who Is Victoria Lamas? Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted on Dinner Date With Aspiring Actress Amid Speculation He is Dating Gigi Hadid

The daughter of "Falcon Crest" star Lorenzo Lamas, Victoria Lamas is a budding artist, model, and actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, was spotted having dinner with aspiring actress Victoria Lamas on Tuesday in Hollywood, following speculation that he has been romancing supermodel Gigi Hadid. Lamas is 25 years his junior and was born two years after DiCaprio's Titanic was released, while Hadid is just 27 years old.

However, DiCaprio has a reputation for never having dated any woman over the age of 25 and Lamas seems to be the latest name to feature on the list. Although there is no confirmation on whether DiCaprio and Hadid are in a romantic relationship, his dinner date with Lamas has once again sparked fresh speculations about his love life.

On a Dinner Date

Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas
Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas Twitter

DiCaprio was spotted laughing and joking as they got into a car after leaving The Birds Street Club separately. According to images obtained by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, the "Titanic" actor and the model were seen exiting The Bird Streets Club separately before getting into a car together.

As the two drove away, DiCaprio was spotted laughing with the "Talk Later" actress, giving the impression that they were having fun.

Victoria Lamas
Victoria Lamas Twitter

Lamas wore a black scoop-neck crop top, black jeans, and a black leather jacket and looked effortlessly stylish. She gave her brown hair wide waves.

DiCaprio also looked cool and casual in a black T-shirt, faded blue jeans, and a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.

However, it is not known if the two are dating. One source who spoke to Page Six claimed that the megastar and Lamas are not in a romantic relationship as they were joined by friends at the dinner.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio Reuters

"Both were seated (not next to each other) at a big group dinner," the source told the outlet. "They were also joined by a number of other people in the car."

However, as they shared a seat in the front of the car, they made tongues wag. Certainly, Victoria more closely resembles Leo's ideal type as a young woman in her 20s.

Leo's New Girl

The daughter of "Falcon Crest" star Lorenzo Lamas, Victoria Lamas is a budding artist, model, and actress. On Instagram, she has approximately 23,000 followers and frequently writes about her trips, friends, and modeling jobs.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid Twitter

According to her IMDb biography, she had small parts in numerous TV shows and movies in addition to short films like "The Last Thing the Earth Said," "Two Niner," and "A Virtuous Role."

DiCaprio — who has made a name for himself by exclusively dating women under the age of 25—has been living his best single life since splitting from his longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone in August.

DiCaprio and Hadid were pictured together for the first time since rumors of their alleged affair began in September in photos images obtained by DailyMail.com.

Camila Morrone
Camila Morrone Instagram

The relationship seems to mark the Oscar winner's first time dating someone over the age of 25, and Hadid would be the first woman he has dated who is a mother. After the new photos were leaked, a source close to the couple told Page Six that although they are dating, they are "taking it slow."

The insider continued by saying that although they haven't yet labeled their relationship as "exclusive," the couple has gone on dates together alone as well as hanging out with friends.

Hadid was also seen getting close to DiCaprio at a gathering in New York City last month after the actor broke his four-year relationship with 25-year-old Camila Morrone.

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