Who is Todd Harvey? Florida Teacher Racially Abuses Black Student, Singles Out Students With 'Thunder Thighs'

Todd Harvey, a Florida teacher, has been accused of harassing and passing racial remarks towards his students for over two decades. Harvey teaches Social Studies at Wharton High School in Tampa.

Todd Harvey
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Harvey Called a Black Student "Mutt'"

New York Post reported that an online petition against Harvey has listed a series of complaints ranging over 25 years. The Change.org petition claims that Harvey allegedly threw a Nazi salute at a German pupil and called a black girl a "mutt."

"Todd Harvey is a serial abuser with more than 20 documented offenses toward minors in the classroom. He is a homophobic, racist, misogynistic, person who should not be a teacher at all. His immediate termination is demanded on behalf of parents and students," states the petition, which has received over 300 signatures.

The Tampa Bay Times published a report citing a series of incidents pertaining to the disgraced teacher. As per the district records obtained by the outlet, at least 23 complaints of alleged misconduct has been recorded against Harvey since he started teaching in 1997.

Harvey was once suspended without pay for five days for making racially insensitive "disparaging" comments and also reprimanded for letting students pay him to boost their grades.

The outlet further reported that Harvey was threatened to be removed by the authorities at least twice. However, he was allowed to teach despite a pupil complaining that his classes feel "barbaric."

Harvey Claimed 'Nazi Salute' Was Part of Lesson

The complaints also included sexually inappropriate comments, with Harvey allegedly calling one girl "slutty" and telling another he'd marry her when she turned 21, the report said.

Harvey called the "slutty" comment a joke that he regretted. According to the outlet, the teacher also told his students that gay couples should be forbidden from marrying in church, and that women belonged at home and not the workplace.

While singling out students, Harvey allegedly remarked that girls with "thunder thighs" shouldn't wear shorts.

The report also revealed that Harvey made fun of the Latino pupils stating that they were hairy and ate rice and beans. He also addressed a German exchange student as "Germany." After he was accused of performing a Nazi salute in front of a German student, Harvey stated that it was part of a lesson on the Holocaust.