'Mentally Disturbed' Man Sets Himself on Fire at the University of California at Berkeley; Videos of Self-Immolation Go Viral

Graphic video showing a man who set himself on fire at the University of California at Berkeley on Wednesday has gone viral on social media. The man, whose identity has not been released, was allegedly suffering a mental health crisis.

UC Man on Fire

Man Walked Around the Campus After Self-Immolation

The man set himself on fire in the afternoon. However, an alert was sent by the university's alert system about a man on fire walking near the intersection of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue around 4:15 p.m.

Several videos of the incident shows a man completely engulfed in flames walking at Sproul Plaza as bystanders rush to put out the fire. While some tried to pour water on him, few others were seen smacking the flames with their jackets. One of the videos also show a man instructing the burning man to "Get on the ground" as he continues to move around in circles.

The burn victim was taken to Highland Hospital in Oakland after the cops with the UC Berkeley Police Department and Berkeley firefighters arrived at the scene and got the situation under control.

Berkeleyside reported that according to Berkeley Fire Department, the man sustained second- and third-degree burns over much of his body.

Man Was Suffering from Mental Health Episode

According to the outlet, the man who is believed to be in his 20's, was suffering from a mental health episode when he undertook self-immolation. As the bystanders tried to douse the flames, he was heard shouting to leave him alone.

Speaking to The Berkeley Scanner, Rachel Diao, an eyewitness said that the man was shouting "Mormon Mafia," and that he ran from and pushed away those trying to extinguish the flames. "I could feel the heat coming off of him and I saw his skin and clothes burn off," she added.

According to the authorities, a woman in her 40s who attempted to douse the flames and help the man was hospitalized with minor injuries. Another bystander who intervened suffered minor injuries and was treated for burns at the scene and released. The outlet further added that it was not clear when the victim was affiliated with the university.