Who is Taylor Pomaski? Ex-NFL Player Kevin Ware Suspected of Killing Girlfriend 2 Months after Disappearance

Taylor disappeared on April 25 from a house party after reportedly having a confrontation with Ware and hasn't been seen since..

The family of a Texas woman who vanished mysteriously two months back is clueless about her whereabouts but has now started believing that her boyfriend and former NFL player Kevin Ware knows "something" about her and may have killed her. Texas authorities now are searching for clues in the disappearance of Taylor Pomaski, 29, and they are now suspecting Ware as a possible murderer.

Taylor disappeared on April 25 from a house party and hasn't been seen since. Although Ware has not been arrested or charged, a Texas prosecutor did say at a recent bond hearing on unrelated charges that he is 'suspected of murdering' 29-year-old Pomaski, according to Houston station KHOU.

Where is Taylor Pomaski?

Taylor Pomaski
Taylor Pomaski Harris County Sheriff's Office

Ware had not previously been identified as a suspect in the case but now both the prosecutors and Pomaski's family feel he has a hand in her disappearance. "If he's not responsible, he has to know something," Stephen Pomaski said of the disappearance of his daughter, Taylor Pomaski, 29, news station KTRK reported.

Ware, 40, is believed to be one of the last people to have interacted with Pomaski before her disappearance from the party that was being thrown at a home she shared with the former Washington Redskins tight end. Police have not said if any remains have been found, but they previously hinted at foul play.

Pomaski's family got concerned after they didn't hear from her on Mother's Day. "It kind of hit us early in the day. We haven't heard from her in a week and a half, two weeks at this point," Stephen told the outlet.

Kevin Ware
Kevin Ware Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Following that a missing person's report was filed on May 10, but nothing could be known about Pomaski and the search is still on. "I'm terrified for the potential outcome. It breaks my heart," Stephen told the outlet.

Did Ware Murder Pomaski

It seems that despite being in a relationship everything wasn't fine between the two. Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, a missing-person search group, told ABC13 that he learnt from a source that Ware and Pomaski had a "violent" confrontation at their the party. Interestingly, it was just days after Ware was arrested on gun and drug charges.

"A couple of days later, there was a big party at his house and then a fight broke out with him and Taylor, and, from what we understand, the fight got fairly violent," Miller told the outlet. Ware, a former tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, was arrested in early June after he reportedly failed to report for bond supervision in connection with previous gun and drug charges in a separate case.

Taylor Pomaski
Taylor Pomaski Facebook

Ware appeared in court on Wednesday and prosecutors are now requesting that his bail be revoked after he allegedly failed to report for bond supervision. "The defendant is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, Taylor Pomaski," prosecutors said in court documents obtained by KPRC-TV.

However, authorities have not elaborated on what evidence they believe that Ware might have murdered Pomaski. His lawyer told KPRC that they were unaware of Wednesday's hearing, and had no prior knowledge of him being considered a suspect in Pomaski's disappearance.

That said, Ware has a criminal record dating back to 2007. Eric Zulegar, a former boyfriend of Pomaski's, told KPRC that he has been in touch with her mother, who believes that Ware must know what happened to her daughter.

"There could be others that were around the house that night. I'm not for certain, but Kevin knows exactly what happened," he said. Zuelgar also described Pomaski's relationship with Ware as being quite volatile.