Daisy Paulsen: North Dakota Teen Girl Dies After Being Stabbed 25 Times While Skateboarding Home

The suspect, Arthur Prince Kollie, told investigators that he he used meth in the afternoon and did "not recall" the incident and also denied being involved in any assault.

A 14-year-old North Dakota girl has succumbed to her injuries after she was violently attacked choked and stabbed more than 20 times while she was skateboarding past a mall on her way home. Daisy 'Jupiter' Paulsen died on Tuesday afternoon after she was found bloody and unconscious by police after being left for dead at a strip mall in Fargo, North Dakota, at 7am on Friday.

The girl's father Robert Paulsen had previously described the incident as a "random attack," Valley News reported. He said the family is working to ensure the 14-year-old's organs are donated and that her ashes are scattered across California's Bay Area, per her request.

Horrifying Death

Daisy 'Jupiter' Paulsen
Daisy 'Jupiter' Paulsen Twitter

Paulsen, who was lovingly known as Jupiter, was skateboarding from her father's house to her mother's house when she was randomly attacked. The attacker grabbed her and then started brutally beating her following by a stabbing spree that lasted 20 minutes. Paulsen was stabbed at least 25 times. The attack was partially captured on a store surveillance camera, court documents say.

According to a statement from the Fargo Police Department, officers were dispatched around 7 a.m. on Friday in response to a call about a bloody, unconscious girl found at a strip mall located on 4340 13th Ave. S.

Police arrived at the scene to find a bloody Paulsen struggling to breathe. She was immediately rushed to hospital and was put on life support for four days till she died on Tuesday afternoon. One of the witnesses told officers that he saw a man wearing a white T-shirt with blood stains leaving the area. During their investigation, police also learned that the victim's backpack, wallet and iPhone were missing from the scene.

Arthur Prince Kollie
Arthur Prince Kollie Twitter

Following a manhunt, police arrested Arthur Prince Kollie, 23, for the attack, after he was allegedly seen standing over Paulsen by a garbage worker who was driving past. Kollie was tracked to a nearby Walmart where surveillance footage allegedly showed him stealing clothes to replace his bloodied t-shirt.

Killed Under Influence

Investigators said that while questioning Kollie about the attack, he allegedly told them that he suffers from multiple personality disorder and had not slept since using meth on the afternoon before stabbing, per the court documents. He, in fact, told investigators that he did "not recall" the incident, WDAY reported. Kollie also denied being involved in any assault.

He was charged with attempted murder, robbery and aggravated assault of a child victim and bail was set at $1 million cash after Monday's court appearance.

Daisy Paulsen
Daisy Paulsen Twitter

However, these charges were slapped on him when Paulsen was alive. Now that the girl is dead, the charged will be changed. When Kollie was told his charges, he asked: "Attempted murder, as is she alive? Or what? What does attempted murder mean?" WDAY reported.

According to court documents, the garbage worker was driving near the Party City store at the strip mall at around 7 am when he saw a man wearing a white t-shirt and black pants standing over Paulsen with one hand on her nose and the other on her throat.

Seeing the garbage worker, the man fled the scene and was arrested after another 12 hours near a Walmart about a half a mile away.

The store's surveillance camera allegedly caught Kollie grabbing new clothes and changing in the changing room before leaving without paying. However, Paulsen's belongs including an iPhone, are still missing and police are looking for them.

That said, Kollie has a criminal past. At the time of the attack on Paulsen, Kollie was on probation for a 2017 conviction for simple assault on a peace officer. He had also pleaded guilty on May 7, 2021, to discharging a firearm within city limits, possessing a firearm as a felon and possessing drug paraphernalia, according to court documents.