Who Is Shankar Mishra? Wells Fargo Fires VP Operations in India for Urinating on Passenger on Air India Flight from New York to New Delhi

According to Mishra's attorney, who spoke with the local media, the banking executive negotiated a financial deal with the unnamed victim compensation

A vice president at banking giant Well Fargo has been fired after he allegedly urinated on a 72-year-old woman passenger while flying from New York to New Delhi, India. Shankar Mishra, who worked for Wells Fargo as the vice president at its Mumbai corporate office, was identified as the executive who was fired for urinating on a passenger on an Air India flight.

Although the incident happened on November 26, it was reported only earlier this week. Mishra was earlier identified as a businessman from Mumbai but it has now been revealed that he was one of the top bosses at Well Fargo India.

Out of His Mind

Shankar Mishra
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According to the English-language news site of German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Mishra was the executive who was fired from Wells Fargo's Mumbai corporate office. Mishra was allegedly drunk on a flight from New York to New Delhi on November 26.

According to the complaint, Mishra urinated on the business class passenger who was seated next to him during the journey. She was 72 years old.

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Following a month-long investigation, Mishra was finally fired by Well Fargo earlier this week. In a statement to DailyMail.com, Wells Fargo said the company "holds employees to the highest standards of professional and personal behavior and we find these allegations deeply disturbing."

Mishra, 34, a vice president of operations in India, was described as having been "terminated" in the news release that followed.

According to multiple reports in India, Mishra, a native of Mumbai, was supposedly intoxicated when the incident occurred. However, police in New Delhi are yet to question Mishra on the incident due to their inability to find him.

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According to Mishra's attorney, who spoke with the local media, the banking executive negotiated a financial deal with the unnamed victim compensation. According to reports, Mishra also made arrangements for the woman's clothing and bag to be washed up after becoming soiled with his urine.

No Compromise

The Whatsapp exchanges between the banking executive and the woman, according to Mishra's attorneys, support their claim. The woman, according to the attorneys, later returned the money and reported the incident to Air India.

She also requested to the airline that Mishra be arrested and kept away from her, according to the lawsuit, and she begged the flight attendants and crew to do so.

The 72-year-old woman mentioned in her complaint that the incident happened after the crew served lunch and dimmed the lights. She claims that Mishra, a former employee of Citi Bank, stumbled toward her from a few seats back, unzipped his pants, and urinated on her.

The woman claimed that he only stopped when instructed to do so by the passenger seated next to her. According to the woman, she requested that Mishra be arrested as soon as the plane landed. Instead, the captain stopped her from sitting in first class, where there were empty seats, and she was compelled to sit next to him in crew chairs for the duration of the journey.

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An Air India Airlines Boeing 787 dreamliner takes off for a flying display during the 50th Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget airport near Paris. Reuters

She was given a pair of pajamas, footwear, and her belongings were disinfected by the crew. She claims that Mishra started crying and pleaded with her not to report anything.

According to reports, Mishra's tearful expression of remorse compelled the woman to hold off on calling the police and getting him arrested. According to the daily The Hindu, Mishra's whereabouts remain unclear, and police in New Delhi are reportedly searching for him.

However, Mishra was fired by Wells Fargo this week, and the bank told Indian media outlets that the claims were "deeply disturbing."

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However, Mishra's father has been defending his son. Mishra's father, Shyam Mishra, claimed in an interview with India Today TV that his son hadn't slept for 72 hours prior to urinating on the woman.

"This is a totally false case. My son was traveling from the US. He had not slept for 72 hours. He might have taken a drink on the flight and slept. What happened after that even he does not know. It's very difficult to prove," he said.

The elder Mishra added: "I don't think he would have done this. The woman is 72-years-old, she is like a mother to him."

He continued by alleging that no eyewitnesses to the incident. He added that he has not been able to get in touch with his son.

Mishra is accused of engaging in obscene behavior in a public setting, assaulting or using criminal force against a lady with the goal to outrage her modesty, using words, gestures, or actions that are meant to offend a women's modesty, and engaging in misconduct in public while drunk.