Drunk Man Urinates on Elderly Woman Mid-Air on Air India Flight; Walks Scot Free as Crew Fail to Take Action

A drunk man was caught peeing mid-air on an elderly fellow passenger during a New Delhi bound Air India flight from New York. Despite the complaint, the crew members let the man walk scot- free after the flight landed in India.

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Man Exposed and Peed on a Woman

In the incident, which occurred in November, the unidentified man reportedly exposed himself and peed on his fellow passenger, an elderly woman in her seventies. The incident occurred in the business class of the flight.

According to India.com, the incident came to light after the victim sent a letter to N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Group which owns Air India.

The outlet reported that the in her complaint, the victim claimed that the crew members did not take any action against the drunk man, instead asked her to sit in one of the crew's seat. "The crew was not proactive in managing a very sensitive and traumatic situation, and I had to advocate for myself throughout, waiting for long periods of time to get a response. I am ...distressed that the airline made no attempt to ensure my safety or comfort during this incident," the woman said in the letter.

"Shortly after lunch was served and the lights were switched off, ...another passenger walked to my seat, completely inebriated. He unzipped his pants, relieved himself and continued to expose me to his private parts," the letter read further.

Woman's Clothes, Bags Were Drenched in Urine

Revealing her mid-flight horror, the elderly woman claimed that the she was completely drenched in the drunk man's urine. "My clothes, shoes and bag were completely soaked in urine. The stewardess followed me to the seat, verified that it smelled of urine, and sprayed disinfectant on my bag and shoes...," the letter said.

The woman further revealed that even though she was given fresh set of clothes and disposable slippers by the cabin crew, she was not allotted a fresh seat and was made to sit on one assigned for crew members.

In a statement issued later, Air India claimed that it has reported the matter to police and regulatory authorities. Speaking to a news agency, an airlines officials said that a government committee is considering the issue of putting the accused on a no-fly list.