Man Urinates on Asian Woman in NY Subway; Onlookers Offer No Help But Record the Attack

In a shocking yet disgusting racist attack on Asians in America, a man openly urinated on a 25-year-old Asian woman on a subway train in New York City.

None of the passengers inside the train stopped the man, nor said anything to defend the woman but a few of them recorded the video inside the Queens-heading F train.

The victim, a young woman named Kathy Chen, boarded the subway train and got a corner seat next to the door. At one of the stops, a white male entered the train car and stood right next to her. As the train moved, the man unzipped his pants and urinated on the woman.

Man Urinates on Asian Woman in NYCSubwayTrain
Instagram grab / Asian Feed

Kathy revealed the man started standing really close to her making her feel uncomfortable and turned her head towards him and that is when she noticed his p**is was out of his pants and there was urine on her bag and jacket.

Furious with what had just happened, Kathy shouted to the man, ''Are you serious!?'' and the two made eye contact but none of the passengers on the train came to her rescue despite knowing what was done to her.

The man, whom she describes to be in his 60's, got off the train at the next stop at 75th Avenue and when the doors closed, Kathy managed to click a few pictures of him.

Man Urinates on Asian Woman in NYCSubwayTrain
Instagram grab / Asian Feed

She revealed a passenger who stood diagonally in front of her recorded the video of the man urinating on her and sent it to her after the culprit got down from the train. She revealed to Asian Feed: ''From the bystander's angle in the video, you can't tell what the man was doing. He like he projected his p**is at me.''

The young Asian woman described the man as a 60-plus-year-old, tall 6 ft white man with grey eyebrows wearing a black jacket and black ski mask on and had a patch of the American flag on his left chest.

Kathy Chen opened up her horrific incident to Asian Feed saying: ''While I was sitting down on the F train going towards Queens, a white male walked into the train car I was in. He entered from the train car behind and stopped next to me. He started standing really close to me and I began to feel uncomfortable.''

She recounted that she wanted to get off the train but didn't muster the courage to do so as she was in shock and decided to go till the last stop and report the incident to the police. ''I considered getting off the train and reporting the incident to the police immediately but I was alone and afraid. So I kept riding the train until the last stop. A bystander in front of me took a video and sent it to me.''

Kathy has filed a complaint with the New York police and the officials are on the lookout to nab the perpetrator. Crimes against Asians are on the rise in America as several people, including old men and women, have been punched, spat at and pushed from behind as the culprits hurl racial slurs against them.