Who is Sarah Boone? US Woman who Murdered Boyfriend by Zipping him into a Suitcase, Changes Attorney for the 8th Time

Boone recently described her latest attorney as "too snotty."

Sarah Boone, accused of second-degree murder for allegedly zipping her boyfriend into a suitcase during a hide-and-seek game, is struggling to find a suitable defense attorney. Boone, who has gone through eight lawyers, recently described her latest attorney, Patricia Cashman, as "too snotty."

Boone's dissatisfaction with her lawyers has been a recurring issue. She labeled one of her previous attorneys a "dud" and a "buffoon," and claimed another couldn't communicate with her counsel, as reported by Court TV. According to Fox 35 Orlando, court filings reveal that one lawyer suggested Boone represent herself, while another described their relationship as "adversarial."

Sarah Boone
Sarah Boone allegedly killed her boyfriend by zipping him inside a suitcase X

Cashman, Boone's most recent lawyer, cited "irreconcilable differences, including, but not limited to, ethical considerations," according to Court TV. Boone had submitted a 50-page complaint about Cashman before their June 7 court appearance.

In court, Cashman described the challenges she faced since taking the case in February. "I've spent over 20 hours going through her questions, going through her lists," Cashman said. "When I try to update her with regard to the depositions that I took recently, she opted to exit the jail conference. When I tried to review some things with regard to discovery as to things I wanted to make sure she was aware of, she walked out."

Boone pleaded with the judge to ask Cashman to "be nice to me and have a welcoming attitude," according to Court TV.

With Cashman now off the case, Boone's legal representation remains uncertain. She was charged with second-degree murder for the death of her boyfriend, Jorge Torres, in February 2020, at their home in Orange County, Florida. Boone claimed they had been drinking wine and playing hide-and-seek when she passed out, leaving Torres trapped in the suitcase.

However, video evidence allegedly shows Boone laughing while Torres screamed for help from inside the suitcase. Boone is reportedly heard saying, "For everything you've done to me, [expletive] you! Stupid. That's on you. Oh, that's what I feel like when you cheat on me," according to Fox 35 Orlando.

This ongoing conflict with her court-appointed lawyers has delayed Boone's trial for years. The trial is currently set for October 7, but it remains uncertain if it will proceed as scheduled or be postponed again. The search for Boone's ninth attorney continues as she prepares for her upcoming trial.