Who is Rob Karas? Arkansas Doctor Using Ivermectin to Treat Covid-19 Jail Inmates

Dr Rob Karas, a jail physician at a detention center in Washington County, Arkansas, has been caught using Ivermectin to treat the Covid-19 positive jail inmates. The shocking revelation was made by an elected county official during the finance and budget committee meeting.

The FDA has clearly started that controversial Ivermectin, used as a dewormer in animals including cows and horses, can cause serious harm if used by humans to treat Covid.

Dr Rob Karas
Dr Rob Karas (left) and Ivermectin prescribed to a county employee. Twitter

Karas Had Asked For 10 Percent Salary Raise

CBS reported that the issue was raised after jail officials presented their 2022 budget. The budget mentioned Karas seeking a 10% increase in the medical services contract.

It was then Eva Madison, a county elected official, spoke about Karas prescribing controversial dewormer to Covid patients. Without divulging the identity of the county employee who brought the incident to Madison's notice, she said the employee went to get tested for Covid-19 at the jail's clinic.

After the county employee tested negative for the virus, he was given a $76 prescription for ivermectin, revealed Madison. However, the employee consulted another physician about the prescription who asked him to "throw that in the trash."

"While this individual had the good fortune to have a physician that he could go to and ask for a second opinion, our inmates do not have that choice," Madison said during the meeting.

Social Media Users Feel Karas Should be Fired

Later, speaking to the outlet, Madison revealed that county sheriff, Tim Helder, was aware of Karas regularly prescribing ivermectin at the jail during the pandemic and defended his decision.

While confirming that he had been prescribing Ivermectin to detainees at the jail, Karas also revealed to Madison that he and his family members were also taking it, reported the outlet.

The issue sparked widespread outrage on social media with users demanding that the erring doctor should be fired.

"Rob Karas is the Dr. He should have his license suspended," tweeted a user as another added, "Dr. Rob Karas better be STEEPED in malpractice insurance!"

"Dr Rob Karas needs to prosecuted for giving that anti parasite drug Ivermectin to the inmates at Washington County Arkansas jail. Black folks are tired of being experimented on," wrote a user.

"Dr. Rob Karas of Arkansas is treating incarcerated COVID patients with that horse paste. This is unconscionable. Please blast," read another tweet.