Who is Naci Tuzcuoglu? Edgewater Cop Grabs Woman's Hips, Assaults Her Husband in Restaurant

Naci Tuzcuoglu, an off-duty cop, was caught assaulting a man after his wife rejected the cop's advances at a restaurant at Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. Tuzcuoglu had been a cop with the City of Edgewater Police Department for less than a year.

The police arrested Tuzcuoglu and charged him on count of misdemeanor battery. However, Tuzcuoglu posted a $500 bail, as per the court records.

Naci Tuzcuoglu
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Tuzcuoglu Threatened the Husband

WFLA reported that as per the arrest report, in the incident which took place at Peanuts, a restaurant and sports bar, the victim's wife was singing during a Karoke when Tuzcuoglu approached her.

After the erring cop placed his hands on the woman's hips, she told him to back off since she was married and not interested in Tuzcuoglu.

The woman then approached her husband who was outside the restaurant at the time of incident. Tuzcuoglu followed the woman and engaged in an altercation with her husband. Following a heated exchange, Tuzcuoglu started punching the victim in his face, while repeatedly saying, "I'm a cop, what are you gonna do about it?"

The victim fell on a flower pot and suffered a small cut on his left eye and nose, according to the outlet.

Edgewater Police Suspends Tuzcuoglu

In a communique to Law & Crime, Chief Joe Mahoney said that Tuzcuoglu joined the Edgewater police in September last year. "The officer has been placed on suspension and an internal investigation has been initiated. He has been with EPD since September of 2020. He doesn't have any prior disciplinary issues," said Mahoney.

Soon the reports of the incident surfaced on social media. "Seriously? He blew well over $1 million in salary, retirement and 401k over a chick in a karaoke bar and cheap alcohol? In addition, the former Cop is looking at losing his freedom and the City of Edgewater is on the hook for his stupidity via a hefty lawsuit! Rookies nowadays!" tweeted a user.

"Police: Edgewater officer punched woman's husband after she rejected him during karaoke. Yup! These r the "Bullies" in law enforcement. Not public servants to uphold the law n protect the weak. 'Cuz there r still good cops," wrote another.