Who Is Richard Tobin? New Boyfriend of Maryland Woman Rachel Morin Who Was Found Dead on Hiking Trail Pleads Innocence Despite His Criminal Past

She was last seen wearing a blue or black tank top, a black sports bra, black spandex shorts, and grey sneakers before her disappearance.

The new boyfriend of the Maryland woman who was found dead on a hiking trail on Sunday has taken to social media to claim his innocence in connection with her death despite his criminal past. Mother-of-five Rachel Morin, 37, went missing on Saturday around 6 pm after leaving her home to hike on the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air, Maryland.

Though it remains unclear who she was hiking with, her new boyfriend, Richard Tobin, 27, reported her missing. Tobin who has a criminal past has now claimed that he has "changed as a person" and has no connection with Morin's mysterious death. This comes as police launched a homicide investigation.

A Murder and a Suspect

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin with her new boyfriend Richard Tobin Twitter

On Sunday, Tobin took to Facebook to respond to speculations about his involvement in Morin's death. He commented under their recently updated relationship status from August 1, denying any connection to the tragic incident.

"I love Rachel, I would never do anything to her, let the family and I grieve. Yes I have a past but I also have 15 months clean and have changed as a person. Please," Tobin wrote under the status.

The couple had made their relationship official on social media just four days before the tragic incident.

The relationship post, which is now seven days old, has amassed over 480 comments. Some users have been speculating about Tobin's potential involvement in Rachel Morin's death, while others emphasize that he should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin Twitter

The cause of Morin's death has not been revealed by the medical examiner at this time. However, a homicide investigation has been launched. Morin's family claims that she did not meet her fate willingly and believes that her death was not accidental.

Court records indicate that Tobin has a lengthy history with law enforcement, including two arrests for criminal second-degree assault, malicious destruction of property, drug possession, and violating restraining orders.

In total, Tobin has been arrested 14 times since 2014 on a variety of charges. According to documents, Richard Tobin has several traffic offenses, a fugitive from justice offense, records of resisting arrest, and marks related to disorderly intoxication and conduct.

His most recent misdemeanor, a second-degree assault, took place on March 14, 2020.

In an update to their statement on her disappearance, Harford County Sheriff's Office said: "At approximately 1:07 pm, a female was located deceased off of the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air.

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin with Richard Tobin Twitter

"The identity of the victim, as well as the cause, and manner of death are still under investigation," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

"We firmly believe this is the body of Rachel Morin. But that final determination belongs with the medical examiner and that has not happened yet.

"Thankfully we don't have too much violent crime in Harford County, but when we have one, I prefer when I can stand here and tell you that the suspect has been arrested or that it's a targeted crime.

"I can't tell you that is the case."

Mystery Deepens

Rachel shared pictures of herself with her new boyfriend, Tobin, on social media just days before her disappearance and tragic death. "Only started taking pics few weeks ago.. but these are a few of my favorites. From the beach to the mountains," she captioned the photos, along with two smiley images.

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin Twitter

Police gave a description of Morin as being five feet, two inches tall, 107 pounds with blond hair, and blue eyes.

She was last seen wearing a blue or black tank top, a black sports bra, black spandex shorts, and grey sneakers before her disappearance.

A GoFundMe page has been launched by her sister Rebekah who said that Morin's death was "not accidental" and that she "did not go willingly."

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin Twitter

"It is with devastating sadness and a broken heart that our family has been hit with yet another heartbreak," Rebekah wrote.

She added: "My sister, Rachel Morin went missing on Saturday August 5 2023 around 6pm. In less then 24 hours her body was found by local law enforcement.

"It has only been a week since my niece Lily Beth passed away from SIDS, and I find that I have to make yet another GoFundMe to help my mother, Patty Morin with funeral costs. There was no life insurance in place. This was not an accidental death, and she did not go willingly and she deserves a funeral worthy of her her beauty.

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin Twitter

"If there are any remaining funds they will go towards things her 5 children may need. Please share, donate, comment and keep this going. Once we have made the arrangements I will update with service dates and times. If you wish to donate directly please message me on Facebook."

Detectives have appealed to anyone who was present at the Ma and Pa Trail on both Saturday and Sunday to immediately contact 911 if they noticed anything unusual or suspicious at the location.

The trail is located near the center of Bel Air, approximately 46 miles northeast of Baltimore.

Richard Tobin
Richard Tobin Twitter

Since the police posted an update on social media confirming the discovery of a body in the search for Morin, tributes have been pouring in to honor her memory.

"This breaks my heart and rocks the local running/walking community," wrote one person.

Another person wrote: "This is so sad and scary!! Prayers to her family & friends especially her children during this difficult time."