Who Is the Mystery Woman with Johnny Depp? Actor Spotted with Red-Haired Lady Ahead of Umbria Jazz Festival Gig

This mysterious woman appeared to be Johnny's lone companion while they were out and about, even giving him a bag at one point.

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Johnny Depp has a new companion but who is she. Depp appeared to be in a great mood on Sunday as he arrived at the Arena Santa Giuliana for a rehearsal with a red-haired mystery woman in tow. The actor was stepping out in Italy Sunday, where he's in town to perform for the Umbria Jazz Festival alongside fellow rocker Jeff Beck.

However, the attractive red-haired woman was the one who grabbed eyeballs and everyone is yet to figure out who the mystery girl is. As Depp, 59, stepped out of the vehicle, he flashed a smile. He was looking as stylish as ever in a white T-shirt, blue trousers, and a brown fedora hat.

Johnny's New Girl

Johnny Depp Mystery Woman
Johnny Depp is seen with mystery red-haired woman ahead of his performance Twitter

Depp, who recently won a defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, 36, looked super smart and confident on Sunday as he arrived for a rehearsal. While all the cameras were focused on him, his mystery companion walked behind him and showed off her long legs in a pair of denim shorts and a green T-shirt.

This mysterious woman appeared to be Johnny's lone companion while they were out and about, even giving him a bag at one point. She might simply be a staff member or roadie who is accompanying him on tour.

Alternatively, it could also be a romantic interest, but there isn't much evidence to support that as of now.

Although there isn't any obvious PDA that we can observe, this woman does appear to be happy to be in Depp's company. These days, it seems like everyone wants to know who the actor could or might be dating.

Jonny Depp mystery woman
Jonny Depp taking to the mystery red-haired woman before the rehearsal Twitter

First, there was the Camille Vasquez rumor, which was false, and now this.

Depp in His Usual Best

Depp seems to be in great spirit ever since he won the defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber White. The Black Mass singer will perform at the festival as a special guest with guitarist Jeff Beck.

Johnny Depp mystery woman
The mystery woman appears to look happy in Johnny Depp's company Twitter

He stayed true to his typical look and was adorned for the occasion with a bevy of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. He completed the appearance with a pair of black boots and aviator sunglasses with blue lenses to protect his eyes from the sun.

The performer rocked out on a guitar, getting ready for the event, then pulled off his cap. Meanwhile, the stunning-looking mystery redhead added a brown belt, low-heeled sandals, and sunglasses to finish off her ensemble.

Johnny Depp mystery woman
The woman is seen accompanying Depp to the rehearsal Twitter

She followed the actor into the location while toting a rucksack over her shoulder.

Depp rehearsed for the performance before returning to the Brufani hotel in Perugia, where the woman is also reported to be staying. She was seen along with Depp even as he left for the hotel.

After winning his defamation lawsuit against Heard last month, Johnny revealed that he had collaborated with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck to make a 13-track album.

Johnny Depp rehearsing
Johnny Depp is seen rehearsing at Arena Santa Giuliana Twitter

The album, titled, "18", features two new original compositions by Depp along with a wide range of cover songs by groups like the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, and John Lennon as well as alternative rock bands like Killing Joke and The Velvet Underground.