Who Is Edward Owen? Johnny Depp's Star Lawyer Camille Vasquez Dating Cambridge-Educated WeWork Director

He is England-based and educated at Cambridge where he earned a degree in history in 2005 and an MPhil in real estate in 2006.

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The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation case saw the birth of a new star --- Camille Vasquez. All of a sudden, everyone wants to know every little detail about the star lawyer who stole the show from under the nose of Heard during the month-long trial. Needless to say, Vasquez is getting the treatment of a Hollywood star and has millions of hearts.

However, the one person who knew Vasquez was special long before others is Edward Owen, her 38-year-old Cambridge-educated British boyfriend. That also puts an end to recent rumors and speculation that Depp and Vasquez have dating and are in a relationship.

Center of Attraction

Camille Vasquez with Edward Owen
Camille Vasquez with Edward Owen Twitter

Vasquez has turned into a celebrity over the past month and is getting royal treatment everywhere she is going. And she isn't the only one who is the center of attraction these days. Her boyfriend Owen too is being treated like a Hollywood celebrity everywhere the pair is going these days.

During the six-week trial, Vasquez's tender interactions with Depp in the courtroom sparked widespread speculation that the relationship was more than attorney-client, and Vasquez simply added fuel to the fire by giggling coyly when asked about it.

However, she soon put an end to all the speculation. Last week, the 37-year-old lawyer was seen out and about with Owen. As they drove to the airport from the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Virginia on Thursday, they were surrounded by interviewers and photographers.

Edward Owen
Edward Owen Twitter

Outside, fans waited for Vasquez and her boyfriend, who took selfies with spectators. Reporters attempted to ask the lawyer a question, but she simply went on to her next destination as she got into a car.

However, Vasquez has long been dating Owen, a successful senior director at WeWork who is responsible for real estate in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He is England-based and educated at Cambridge where he earned a degree in history in 2005 and an MPhil in real estate in 2006.

Edward Owen
Edward Owen Twitter

He is also a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors member.

Deeply in Love

It is not known how long they have been dating but according to unverified reports, the two met in November at the Cow gastropub in London, according to the Daily Mail. "It's quite a new relationship, but Edward is smitten with her," a source recently told the publication.

"He has visited Camille in the US since this trial started, and she plans to visit him in the UK as soon as the case is over."

Camille Vasquez
Camille Vasquez Twitter

"It's long-distance, and they're both high flyers in their respective careers, but they're hoping to make it work," the insider told the publication.

Owen is quite successful at WeWork. Prior to that, Owen spent eight years working for international developer Swire Properties in China, Hong Kong, and Miami.

On the other hand, the Depp vs Heard trial has made Vasquez a celebrity. She is an associate at Brown Rudnick, the prestigious law firm that defended Depp in his defamation claim against Heard.

Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp
Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp Twitter

Her practice focuses on plaintiff-side defamation cases, such as the one Depp filed against Heard in 2018 over a Washington Post op-ed.

Vasquez received his bachelor's degree from Southwestern Law School in 2010 and his master's degree from the University of Southern California in 2006 magna cum laude.

Best Lawyers in America dubbed her "One to Watch" for the years 2021-2022. Vasquez has been besieged with offers from Hollywood, according to the Washington Post, and is currently in the middle of a bidding war between law firms vying for her services.

According to the Daily Mail, the native Spanish speaker is set to be made one of the partners of the firm after winning the high-profile case. According to the firm's website, Vasquez specializes in litigation and arbitration and is based in Orange County, California.