Who is Michael Todd? Oklahoma Pastor Coughs and Rubs Spit on Man's Face in Gross Act (Video)

Michael Todd, an Oklahoma megachurch pastor, is facing flak on social media after he was caught rubbing his saliva on the face of a parishioner during a congregation on Sunday. Todd was talking about how about how receiving a "vision from God might get nasty."

Todd is one of the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, since February 2015.

Mike Todd
Pastor Mike Todd rubbing his spit on a man's face. Twitter

Todd Was Speaking About Receiving God's Vision

The video from the incident shows Todd standing on stage with a man. He is seen speaking about "receiving a vision from God might get nasty." As Todd goes on to explain his concept, he spits on his hands.

"This is where most people would not face Jesus anymore. What most people would do is turn away." A few moments later, he coughs and spits mucus-filled phlegm in his hand. Turning to the man standing next to him, Todd tells the crowd that God would ask each of them if they would continue standing "when getting the vision, or receiving it, might get nasty."

The 34-year-old then rubs his hand together mixing the spit and phlegm together and goes on to smear the same on the face of the man. Some of the spit is also seen getting on the man's lips as he goes on to wipe it off. "And do you hear and see the responses of the people?" Todd continues to say as disgusted sounds comes from his audience. "What I'm telling you: how you just reacted is how the people in your life will react when God is doing what it takes for the Miracle."

Todd's Act Grosses Out Twitter

The viral video appeared to be grossed out many social media users who even slammed the pastor for violating Covid-19 guidelines.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but this is demonic and manipulative. Mike Todd even tried to manipulate the crowd into feeling bad over reacting to him dehumanizing a man live on stage. We're watching abuse and humiliation to boost another's ego and profile. Disgusting," tweeted a user.

"Let this Mike Todd situation be a reminder: Please know God for yourself. I'm not bashing community. But the truth is, church really isn't for everyone, especially the way it treats a lot of people in our community: namely, women and queer folk. Connect with God for yourself," opined another user.

"If your pastor rubs spit on your face (looking at you, Mike Todd), find a new pastor," read another tweet.