Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump 2024; Possible Clash Sets Twitter on Fire With Memes

With the next Presidential elections still two years away, the possibility of another Trump Vs Hillary clash in 2024 has invited a string of memes on social media. Following his defeat in the 2020 elections, former President Donald Trump had already set eyes on a re-run in 2024.

Now, it appears that Hillary too is looking at another shot at Presidential elections after her failed attempts in 2016 and 2008.

trump Vs Hillary
Trump Vs Hillary 2024 memes surface on internet. Twitter

Democrats Rooting For Clinton in Next Elections?

The New York Post reported that two 'prominent Democrats' have hinted at the possibility of the former first lady as the 2024 Democratic nominee. The possibility comes in wake of the Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris plummeting popularity owing to various reasons.

Dubbing Hillary in an advantageous position, political consultant Doug Schoen and former Manhattan Borough President Andrew Stein wrote in Wall Street Journal: "She is already in an advantageous position to become the 2024 Democratic nominee. She is an experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking."

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 50 percent of Americans were not in favor of the current U.S, President, and 51 percent disapproved of Vice President Harris. Majority of the Americans also believed that Biden was not doing a good job handling the economy and jobs. Further, barely 42 percent favored the U.S. President's response to the ongoing pandemic.

"​Barring a major course correction, we can anticipate that some Democrats will lose important House and Senate races in 2022​ — in part for the reasons Mrs. Clinton identified​ — giving Republicans control of both chambers of Congress​," wrote Schoen and Stein, adding that they "anticipate" Clinton will ​begin to position herself after the midterms "as an ​experienced candidate capable of leading Democrats on a new and more successful path.​"​

"​Mrs. Clinton can spend the time between now and midterms doing what the Clinton administration did after the Democrats' blowout defeat in the 1994 midterms: crafting a moderate agenda on both domestic and foreign policy​. This agenda could show that Mrs. Clinton is the only credible alternative to Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris, and the entire Democratic Party establishment," the duo added.

Hillary Vs Trump Memes Surface on Social Media

The social media users did not leave the opportunity to poke some fun at the possible clash between Trump and Hillary.

"2016 rematch between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2024? I think Donald Trump will take Hillary to the cleaners!" tweeted a user.

"Hillary got to sit out in quarantine for 5 years during an important time in our WORLD .. those of us who made it through #COVID would rather have someone in office that's familiar on some level with how we survived. Also.. SHE'S CROOKED. #Trump2024 #OperationWarpSpeed," read another tweet.

"I think if the 2024 election ends up being Hillary vs Trump again, the ideal outcome this time would be for that comet from Don't Look Up to crash into the earth," wrote another.