Who is Michael K Williams Drugs Supplier? Might Face Homicide Charges Over 'Fentanyl Overdose'

A day after the death Michael K Williams, the police is on a lookout for the drug dealer who allegedly sold the narcotics to the television actor. Williams' dead body was found facedown at his Brooklyn home on Monday.

As previously reported, the New York Police Department had confirmed that the 54-year-old died from a suspected drug overdose. Williams, a five-time Emmy nominee, had openly discussed his struggles with his addiction to drugs over the years.

Michael K. Williams
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Drugs Found at Williams Home Were Heroine Based

The Wire star's body was found surrounded by drug paraphernalia by a family member who haven't heard from the actor from several days. TMZ reported death due to an alleged drug overdose initiated the criminal investigation against the person who sold drugs to the actor.

The drugs found in Williams' home is believed to be heroin-based. Sources told the outlet that NYPD detectives are looking into the origin of the narcotics found at actor's home.

Speaking to New York Post, Williams's nephew Arvance Williams, who is reported to have discovered the body, revealed about the actor's struggle with drugs. "I know he had addictions, but that's not something I really talked to him about. I would ask him how he's doing, but Mike was very private and he liked to deal with his things I guess in his own way," he said.

Claiming that Williams would fall and get back up after fighting his 'little demons', Arvance added, "So he was always trying to do better. He was always fighting. He was always fighting, and trying to stay positive."

Who Supplied Drugs to Williams ?

The Sun reported that Williams' 'drug dealer' could be charged with homicide following the actor's death.

Speaking to the outlet, Legal expert Bryan Konoski said that the authorities will be interested in locating the individual who sold Michael the illicit substances which could have contributed to his death.

"They'll be trying to figure out who this dealer is and locate them. After that, there is likely to be an inquiry to see if they can bring charges to this individual relating to the actor's death. They could try to bring homicide, manslaughter or negligent homicide charges," said Konoski.

Quoting a source, the outlet also reported that NYPD has located the person who most likely sold the drugs to Williams.