Waffle House Hiring Fighters as Employees? Speculations After Employee Beats Customer During a Fight (video)

A video of a Waffle House employee throwing a customer out of the outlet has gone viral on social media. The incident took place after the customer was caught arguing with others in the outlet located on Buford Highway in Georgia.

The viral video which has generated over 3 million views, drew mixed responses from the social media users.

Waffle House
Waffle House fight's video went viral on social media. Screengrab from Twitter

"Shut the F**k Up," Woman Told the Customer

The video, uploaded by Twitter page ATL Uncensored, starts with two women arguing with a black customer wearing an orange shirt, sitting at the counter of the Waffle House.

While the video is not clearly audible, fellow customers can be seen laughing as the trio engage in some sort of heated argument. At one point one of the women brings her palm close to the man's face and says, "Shut the f**k up" while moving away laughing.

The video then cuts to the point where an employee, wearing a blue T shirt, pulls out the man sitting on the chair and tries to drag him out of the outlet.

As the man nears the gate, he punches the employee starting a brawl between them. As the duo engage in repeated punches, the onlookers could be heard shouting in the background. However, what caused the argument between the customers was not clear.

Then, an employee grabs and tries to drag the man in the red shirt out of the restaurant, but he punches the employee and an all-out brawl erupts.

Fight Leaves Social Media Amused

Speaking to the New York Post, an Atlanta police spokeswoman said that Waffle House where the brawl took place was outside of the department's jurisdiction.

The viral video left several users amused with many calling the Waffle House employees "Undefeated heavyweight champions."

"In Atlanta it must be like "f**k the UFC fights, we're goin to Waffle House tonight," tweeted a user.

"WAFFLE HOUSE-Where Else can you see this many Bald Headed Hos and 8 time Felons with AIDS Fight!!! Stay Classy Atlanta!! It's like Haiti where Whites haven't seen a Full Genocide Yet!!" wrote another.

"Of course it's an Atlanta Waffle House and of course the employees win. It's not only plates they have prowess handling, they are equally talented at settling fights," expressed a user.

Some even wondered if Waffle House employs fighters. "waffle house always hiring niggas that can fight cause why every single waffle house video i seen a costumer always getting they ass whooped by the worker," wrote a user.

"It must be a requirement for Waffle House workers to know how to fight cause I've never seen one lose," wrote another .