Who is Mateus Facio? Brazilian Man Parties for Four Days Not Knowing He Has Bullet Stuck in His Head

There were reportedly no reports of shootings in the area on the day when Facio was injured

In a bizarre incident of bullet injury, a medical student partied for four days in Brazil not knowing that he has bullet lodged in his head. Mateus Facio, 21, a Brazilian man studying medicine, unknowingly partied for four days with a bullet lodged in his head after a presumed New Year's Eve mishap.

The incident unfolded during a festive celebration at a beach in Rio de Janeiro, where Facio initially thought he had been struck by a stone.

Mateus Facio

According to a New York Post report, Facio felt an object hit his head but dismissed it when the bleeding stopped. Oblivious to the severity of the situation, he continued reveling with friends, blissfully unaware that a 9mm bullet was embedded in his brain.

Little did he realize the gravity of his condition until he returned home, experiencing unusual symptoms during his journey. Facio noticed a loss of normal movement in his arms and fingers, prompting him to seek medical attention.

"I went to take a nap and woke up with my arm feeling a little silly. I felt my fingers moving, but I didn't have the confidence to pick something up," shared Facio.

After four days of post-celebration bliss, he underwent medical tests, revealing the shocking truth about the lodged bullet. The doctor explained that the bullet was compressed an area near the region responsible for right-arm movement, causing irritation and triggering convulsive episodes.

In a stroke of luck, the doctor noted that Facio avoided more severe damage, such as paralysis. Following the revelation, Facio underwent a two-hour surgical procedure to remove the bullet.

The operation carried inherent risks, including bleeding, cerebral fluid leakage, meningitis, and even death, but fortunately, it concluded successfully without any complications.

In a surprising twist, the extracted bullet was handed over to local law enforcement in Cabo Frio, who are now actively investigating the peculiar case. Despite the shocking nature of the incident, there were reportedly no reports of shootings in the area on the day in question.

Mateus Facio's remarkable tale serves as a cautionary reminder of the unexpected and sometimes perilous outcomes that can accompany seemingly harmless celebrations.