Harrowing Video Captures Moment Popular YouTuber Hunter Avallone's Girlfriend Is Shot by Her Ex-Boyfriend Before Killing Himself [GRAPHIC]

In the video, Avallone can be heard speaking to a 911 operator while his girlfriend Peno pants in the background, with blood flowing from her leg.

A YouTuber's girlfriend was shot in the leg by her former partner as footage captured the couple hiding from the gunman just before he turned the weapon on himself. Hunter Avallone, was at his Martinsburg, West Virginia, apartment with his girlfriend Holle Peno when her ex-boyfriend tried to enter the building.

Peno detailed on Instagram that her ex-partner appeared at the apartment, shooting through the door and hitting her in the leg. Avallone, with over half a million subscribers, started recording moments after Peno was shot, noting in the footage, that his landlord had previously alerted him about a "shady" person on the property carrying a gun under his jacket.

Narrow Escape

Holle Peno
Holle Peno seen in the video clip after she was shot by her ex-boyfriend in the leg X

Peno's ex-boyfriend of 11 years, identified as Conrad, fired shots through the building's door, hitting Peno in the leg on Friday just after midday. Peno, who had recently ended their 11-year relationship, claimed that he had been abusive during their time together.

Peno shared pictures of her injured leg, bloodied and still containing the lodged bullet.

"I recorded the final moments in which we're hiding on the back porch," Avallone wrote next to footage showing Peno looking distraught and bleeding.

She suffered additional injuries from shattered glass and shrapnel. The couple sought refuge on the balcony while calling the police.

Avallone posted a video capturing the suspect attempting to force open his front door before ultimately shooting himself when law enforcement arrived. Police later confirmed that Conrad died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Holle Peno
Holle Peno's ex-boyfriend Conrad seen at the door while the couple hid from him X

In the video, Avallone can be heard speaking to a 911 operator while his girlfriend Peno pants in the background, with blood flowing from her leg.

He mentions that his landlord alerted him to a 'shady' man attempting to enter the building with a gun.

Moments later, loud thuds are heard, presumably the suspect trying to open the door. Peno is seen in the clip trying to stem the blood flow with a soaked white towel.

Encounter With Death

Next, police officers are seen at the scene who are heard yelling, "Show me your f**king hands!" at the suspect, followed by about six gunshots.

Holle Peno
Holle Peno's leg seen bleeding after being shot by her ex-boyfriend X

Avallone wrote: "I'm still trying to process this and I'm most likely in shock as I write this. But only a few hours ago, Holle's ex boyfriend Conrad showed up at my apartment building with a shotgun.

"He shot through my building door, injuring Holle's leg in the process. I recorded the final moments in which we're hiding on the back porch.

"You can hear him shoot at police before ultimately taking his own life...in my own f**king apartment hallway. Still trying to process this.

Holle Peno
Hunter Avallone with Holle Peno X

"Holle and I are physically ok but mentally, this is gonna do some serious damage. Holle has been amazing and she's been incredibly brave and strong throughout this ordeal."

Peno, who has around 17,000 followers on YouTube, took to X on Sunday and posted an emotional video saying, "It feels like my soul was ripped in half.

"Every time I close my eyes, I see him lying there," Peno says through sobs. "I hate how that was the last time I saw him because he wasn't all bad. He was good sometimes."

In a Sunday Instagram post, Peno mentioned that she was beginning to "come out of shock."

"I feel so torn up inside. I loved him for 11 years despite the abuse, and he couldn't love me enough to let me leave," she wrote.

A GoFundMe campaign, set by a fellow Twitch streamer to help with Peno's hospital bills, mentioned that her ex tried to shoot at the police before ultimately taking his own life. By Sunday afternoon, the campaign had gathered over $4,000 in donations.