Who is Mara? Transwoman Claims Her 'Balls Hurt' After TSA Agent Punched Her During Security Check, Yelled at for Having a Penis

A transgender woman has accused a TSA agent of physically assaulting her during a security screening at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The victim claimed that the unnamed agent punched her testicles during the airport screening.

Trans woman who identifies as Mara posted her ordeal on social media.

TSA Agent Yelled at Transwoman for Having a Penis

The transwoman, who is now known as Mara, shared her ordeal on Twitter in a series of tweets that were deleted later. The Daily Mail reported that the transwoman also posted a selfie which showed her crying in a bathroom stall after being physically assaulted. She also revealed that her "balls still hurt so bad," following the assault by the female TSA agent.

In one of the screenshots taken by the outlet of the now deleted tweets, the victim wrote. "hi so a tsa agent at jfk airport punched me in the genitalia, yelled at me for having a penis (?) and humiliated me in front of everyone after i told her to please stop."

"[The TSA agent] followed me into the women's bathroom and began talking about me to a coworker while I sobbed in a stall," she wrote while seeking advice on about what she should do now.

In a separate tweet, the victim also wrote that she doesn't want the TSA agent fired. "I don't want the TSA agent that hurt me fired. I want her educated and the entirety of TSA abolished altogether," read the tweet, as per the outlet.

Social Media Reacts

The incident drew mixed reactions from the social media users. While several people sympathized with the trans woman there were others who mocked the victim.

"IF YOUR BALLS HURT, get out of the women's bathroom. WE DO NOT WANT YOU THERE! YOU ARE A MAN! GET OUT!!!!!" tweeted a user.

"Transgender "woman" left in tears at JFK Airport after TSA agent punched her in the testicles while going through security. Translation: man dressed as a woman cried like the p*ssy he doesnt have when TSA checked what else he had tucked between his legs," read a tweet.

"You're a man! Men have balls. Not women," lashed out another user.

Meanwhile, the JFK airport issued an apology. "We apologize again for your experience. Your comments have been noted and shared," the airport authorities tweeted.