Who is Majid Padellan? 'Brooklyn Dad' Was Paid Top Dollar For Viral Tweets in Favor of Joe Biden

Majid Padellan, the man behind Brooklyn Dad Defiant account on Twitter has been accused of accepting money for posting tweets in support of US President Joe Biden. 'Brooklyn Dad' was one of the topmost trending topics on the microblogging site after a payment receipt from a Democratic PAC went viral.

Padellan, who describes himself as 'Proud Papa' and 'Perpetually Pissed' in his twitter bio, has over 898,000 followers on the microblogging site.

Majid M. Padellan
'Brooklyn Dad' Majid M. Padellan Twitter

What is the Controversy Surrounding Brooklyn Dad?

The controversy surrounding Padellan started after a payment receipt of $57,088 in his name leaked online. The 13 payments, made in 2020, was done by Really American, a pro-Biden PAC, between the period from July to December.

Even though Padellan has mentioned in his bio that he works as Senior advisor with the Really American, it was still unclear whether the payments were done for posting tweets supporting Biden.

In a tweet following the controversy, Padellan wrote: "Just woke up, saw Brooklyn Dad trending because a bunch of folks thought I was hiding information clearly stated in my profile, but even MORE of you stood up for me. Thanks you guys. I love you!'"

According to Refinery 29, Padellan's most viral tweets includes the one where he urged Bernie Sanders to drop out from the Presidential race and criticizing Tara Reade for accusing Biden of sexual assault, which the President denied.

Recently, Padellan was forced to delete a tweet made in favor of Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Suggesting that Cuomo might be a victim of a smear campaign, Padellan had written: "The only person who can pardon Trump from a conviction in New York is the Governor. Kinda makes you wonder about the TIMING."

Twitter Divided Over Paid Tweets Controversy

The social media was divided over the controversy surrounding Padellan receiving payments from a left-leaning political action committee.

Some of the users backed Padellan saying that it was justified to receive payments for the tweets. "Am I the only one who doesn't give a s**t if Brooklyn Dad (and all the others on both sides of the fence) get paid to share their opinions?. Isn't that the goal of all influencers?" a twitter user wrote.

"The most shocking thing about the Brooklyn Dad "news" is that some people are surprised/outraged that others get paid when they work for a PAC. If I worked for a PAC, I'd expect to be paid, too. Keep up the good work @mmpadellan," wrote another.

There were several others who criticized him. "Is Brooklyn Dad LLC propaganda? Yes. Really American PAC paid the man to distribute points of view in hopes of influencing public opinion in favor of politicians and their ideology. That's what propaganda is for and what it does. It's what's known as 'common man propaganda'," opined a user as other questioned the validity of his opinions, "He smeared a rape victim for money. Were you paid for this post?"