Biden 'Dementia Concerns' Trigger Viral Theory Saying Kamala Harris Will Take Over

Rumors about US President Joe Biden suffering from dementia surfaced after he forgot the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during a White House event. Biden also forgot to say Pentagon, referring to the department as "that outfit over there."

Biden's health has always remained on the radar of the right-wing, which has repeatedly questioned the mental competency of the US President. Recently the US president was also caught stuttering and struggling to complete a sentence during a speech.

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Biden Calls Austin As 'the Guy Who Runs That Outfit'

The recent incident took place when the 78-year-old was announcing the nomination of two female generals to lead US military combatant commands.

During his address, Biden completely forgot Austin's name and rank. "And I want to thank the sec — the, the, ah former general. I keep calling him general, but my, my — the guy who runs that outfit over there," Biden said adding, "I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he's done to try to implement what we just talked about. And for recommending these two women for promotion.

Earlier, he had addressed Austin as "Secretary Austin," in what appeared to be reading lines from from a teleprompter.

Last month, during a visit to the storm-affected Texas, Biden not only mispronounced the names of the Texas congressional members and other Democrats who were helped in the Texas relief effort, but also forgot what he was saying.

Is Biden Suffering From Some Medical Condition?

The viral clip created a lot of buzz on the social media with several users suggesting that the US president is suffering from dementia. Many even suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris is soon going to take over as the next US President.

"I believe this was the plan all along. Get Biden to put through all those ?#$@!#@ Executive Orders, then have Kamala take over, saving us from the poor, dementia ridden man. While still leaving all the Executive Orders in place," a tweet read .

"Dems will not unleash Biden because he has dementia. Kamala will be President in a few months," wrote a Twitter user.

"So it's obvious to everyone that Biden is mentally challenged. Dementia. Yet MSM and democrats keep the charade going that there's nothing wrong. Don't believe your lying eyes, neither will China, Russia Iran and the rest of the world. 2 more months till Kamala takes control," said another user.

"Biden forgets the name of the Pentagon and the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. This is a national embarrassment. Joe Biden is not mentally fit to lead our country," commented a user.